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Feb 2012May 2014

M.Sc. in Mathematics.  ( First honor )

Jordan University of Science and Technology ,Irbid, Jordan

Title of Thesis :  Study of Solutions to Some Generalized Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations by Trig-Function Methods.

Sep 2006Jun 2010

B.Sc. in Mathematics.    ( First honor )

Jordan University of Science and Technology , Irbid, Jordan

Work experience

May 2013Jun 2014

Researcher Assistant

Jordan University of Science and Technology


  • M. Alquran, A. Qawasmeh. Classifications of solutions to some generalized nonlinear evolution equations and systems by the sine-cosine method, Nonlinear Studies. Vol. 20, pp. 263-272 (2013).


  • A. Qawasmeh. Soliton solutions of (2+1)-Zoomeron equation, Duffing equation and Srlw equation, J.Math.Comput.Sci. Vol. 3 (2013) , No. 6, 1475-1480.


  • A. Qawasmeh, M. Alquran. Soliton and periodic solutions for (2+1)-Dimensional Dispersive Long Water-Wave system, Applied Mathematical Sciences, Vol. 8 (2014), No. 50, 2455-2463.

  • A. Qawasmeh, M. Alquran. Reliable study of nonhomogeneous BBM equation with time-dependent coefficients by the modified sine-cosine method, Applications and Applied Mathematics. Vol. 9, No. 1(June 2014), 311-317.


  • Q. Katatbeh, I. Abu-Irwaq, M. Alquran, A.Qawasmeh. Solitary wave solutions to time-fractional coupled degenerate Hamiltonian equations, International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics. Vol.93 (2014), No.3, 377-387 .

  • M. Alquran, A. Qawasmeh Soliton solutions of Shallow Water Wave equations by means of G′/G expansion method, Journal of Applied Analysis and Computation. Vol. 4, No. 3, August 2014,   pp. 221–229 . 


  • A. Qawasmeh, M. Alquran Reliable Study of Some New Fifth-Order Nonlinear Equations by Means of G′/G Expansion Method and Rational Sine-Cosine Method , Applied Mathematical Sciences, Vol. 8, 2014, no. 120, 5985 - 5994 .
Feb 2012Jan 2014

Teaching Assistant, Mathematics

Mathematics Department, Jordan University of Science and Technology.

Teaching Assistant

Jun 2010Oct 2010

Mathematics Teacher

Takrob Instituition, Irbed, Jordan

Mathematics Teacher, Facilitating remedial teaching for all grades: Primary, intermediate, secondary and undergraduate.


Mother tongue
Speaking, reading and writing .


​A scholarship from Jordan University of Science and Technology to obtain Master degree in Mathematics.


Fast learner, self directed.

Personal Data

  • Nationality : Jordanian/ American.
  • Date of Birth: September 27, 1988.