Amin Sabri hamzah rajeh


Personal Information

- Birth date and Place: 17-04-1992, Madina, Saudi Arabia. 

- Nationality: Saudi.

- Status: Single.

- P.O. Box 40401.

- Zip Code 42317.


- Arabic ( Native Language ).
- English ( Very Good ).


2011 - 2015

Bachelor Degree 

Taibah University 

- College of Computer Science and Engineering, Bachelor degree in Computer Information System, date of Graduation in 05/03/2015 with accumulative grade point 3.83 - 5 , Taibah University, KSA.

My  Vision

I'm Seeking to join a professional team work and suitable work environment, in order to achieve business objectives and pass all challenges, and take advantage of the challenges and get more administrative responsibilities, in order to develop the management skills and the process.


- EMC Academic Associate, Cloud Infrastructure and services.


• Participation in the 6th Scientific Conference preparatory in themes Engineering and Basic Sciences with the participation of entitled " An electronic system for real estate marketing " in 3-5 February.

• Preparation for license in  Cloud Infrastructure and services ( EMC2), 2015.

• Attended “ Microsoft Mega Event at Taibah University “, Madinah, February 2013.

• Attended the First Taibah University International Conference on Computing and Information Technology,

Madinah,KSA, March 2012.

• Attended " Leadership and Creativity ", Madinah, October 2011.

• Attended the Computer Maintenance Course, November 2013.

• Success in English Course at Direct English Learning Centers from 18.07.2009 To 26.08.2009.


• Databases management.

• Web Design.

• Computer: MS Office.

• Communication skills.

• Computer maintenance.

• Movies production.