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Basketball Coach | Audio Engineer | Co-Founder

I grew up in a small town in Germany and lived my adult life in the greatest city on Earth – New York. I’ve been an audio-engineer, entrepreneur, Chinese language student, basketball coach and a programmer. I have been in China for over 3 years and worked as a youth basketball coach in many cities here. I started in Beijing and then decided to go see smaller cities of China and ended up in Jinhua, leading the basketball camp there. Within first 3 months of my coaching there we gained 150 new students who signed up for the whole year.

After Jinhua I came back to Beijing, to work for Microsoft. I was doing basketball coaching on the weekends and made many little kids fall in love with basketball.

My next step in coaching was Hangzhou city, where I currently live. I came here to help a new basketball company grow and was able to acquire 250 VIP students within first 4 months. I still live and work here, both parents and students like me a lot and I am happy to be able to help them.  


Coaching at all levels involves accepting the tremendous responsibility you face when parents put their children into my care. As a basketball coach, I do the following:

1. Provide a safe physical environment.
2. Communicate in a positive way.
3. Teach the fundamental skills of basketball.
4. Teach the rules of basketball.
5. Direct players in competition.
6. Help players become fit and value fitness for a lifetime.
7. Help young players develop character.


Work History

Feb 2016Present

Youth Basketball Coach

Harlem Show 1 Xiamen

Acquired 130+ new VIP students within first 4 months, Coordination of all basketball classes, promotional activities,  Parent Communications, and equipment maintenance. 

May 2015Feb 2016

Youth Basketball Coach

Harlem Show 1 Hangzhou

Acquired 250+ new VIP students within first 3 months 

Sep 2014May 2015

Youth Basketball Coach

Harlem Show 1 Beijing

Teaching basketball 

Feb 2013Sep 2014

Bing News Vertical Consultant


Responsible for the testing and development of the Bing Search Engine News Vertical algorithm. A special focus on entertainment and current affairs.

Aug 2013Sep 2014

Youth Basketball Coach

Harlem Show 1 Jinhua

Acquired 150+ new students within 4 months

Mar 2012Aug 2013

Youth Basketball Coach

You Can Beijing

Teaching Basketball

Feb 2008Jun 2011

Chief Audio Engineer

Mixdown Recording studio

Initially worked as an intern, then to staff engineer and eventually became facility manager and chief engineer. I was responsible for various recording, mixing and mastering sessions, as well as facility booking and maintenance of Studio equipment during client sessions.



Bachelor's degree, German Studies

Temple University

Bachelor's degree, Audio Engineering

Mercy College


Mother Tongue:


German Level


Chinese Level