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Amgd Hamdy Ali Shosha

Accounting Manager at Chestnut



Ain Shams University

Work experience


Accounting Manager

Chestnut Technologies Co.
Accounting Manager(Acting as Financial Manager) Revise monthly closing trial balance to ensure proper closing of financial position. Prepare monthly financial statements and expenses reports using GP to help the top management make decisions. Revise the checks documents and their calculations to guarantee the accuracy and correctness of the checks. Supervise team members' performance and respond to their queries to facilitate the workflow. Revise contractors' payments according to their contracts in order to ensure the correctness of the calculations and the completion of the process. Follow up L/G and their expiry dates in order to guarantee the company rights against contractors. Review bank reconciliations on a monthly basis to verify bank balances. Respond to auditors requirements to help them audit financial positions. Review other accounts as per assigned to ensure the correctness of these accounts. Follow up fixed assets and their depreciation. Follow-up and review the cash-in and cash-out reports in order to help the top management makes decisions. Follow-up and review payable and receivables reports to ensure their correctness. · Preparing the company's feasibility study. Creating the company's budgeting methodologies. Creating the company's cost control system.

Senior Accountant

Future Media
Co. Senior Accountant“ ”

Accountant Supervisor

Future Media
Accountant Supervisor“ ” Supervising a team of three accountants for revenue, invoicing & Receivables process. Preparing ageing reports for the varies clients and following the collection of due balances Preparing analytical & comparable reports for the revenue of varies channels or clients. Analyzing revenue amounts for varies clients or publishers. Devolving a macro system using Microsoft Access to improve the analytical reports and analysis related to accounts receivables, revenue, cost of sales & trend analysis through IT Manager support.


Sout Alqahira Media
Accountant, Co. Audit all deals and booking orders with the actual aired. Issuing media advertising invoices. Producing, Monitoring and reporting any related reports.


Sout Alqahira Media
Accountant, Lotfy Accounting & Auditing Office. Audit agencies accounts, financial statement & accounting System. Producing, Monitoring and Reporting tax reports.

Accountant, Cairo

Cairo Oil and Soap Co
Accountant,. Audit, Tracking and Correct the variances between manual & computerizes trial balance. Helping in financial statements preparing.