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I am working towards completing my major in communication at Purdue University as well as my minor in graphic design. With my major I have become a skilled communicator and I am seeking a career in which I can use those skills to problem solve and focus on customer service. My minor in graphic design also puts me one step ahead from most communication majors because I can incorporate advertising skills in different forms of communication. 

Through educational experiences and professional experiences I have built myself into a young professional with skills that would be best suited in real estate or marketing agencies. Some of my skills and experiences include:

  • I have an extensive background in customer service in multiple fast-paced environments
  • I have professional experience as a leasing agent on the campus of Purdue University
  • I have a vast knowledge of Adobe and Tenant Pro computer programs in a professional setting

I am a friendly and outgoing individual who prides myself in being precise, resourceful, and creative in a professional setting focused on customer service and problem solving.

Work experience

Volunteer Office Assistant

Provena Health Services

I had acted as a seasonal volunteer office assistant for Provena Health Services for few years. I was seeking professional experience and Provena Health Services was kind enough to allow me volunteer at their offices. My duties as volunteer office assistant included:

  • Operating standard office equipment
  • Assist with meeting preparations such as organizing meeting packets, binders, and reports
  • Organizing communications for employees
  • Organizing company information to the high standards of the organization
From my experience as volunteer office assistant at Provena Health Services I gained an understanding of basic office functions as well as organizational skills that could be applied to any position I encounter in the future.

Volunteer Event Assistant

Chicago Park District

I have been seasonally acting as a volunteer event assistant for a Chicago Park District for about eight years. I participate in executing events held by the park district. My duties include:

  • Accomplishing assigned tasks accurately and on time
  • Assisting with preparations for events
  • Organizing and handeling matters "back stage" at events
  • Designing advertisements and written communications for featured events

Two of the designs that I have created for the park district are featured on the right of this page.

Sep 2009Present

Leasing Agent

Basham Rentals

  • Continually gaining experience in customer communication and problem solving
  • Assisting in the leasing of nearly 300 apartments on Purdue University's campus
  • Performing office functions (data entry, collections) and composing customer communication
  • Operating Tenant Pro to manage rent payments and other various tenant information
May 2010Present

Sales Associate

Victoria's Secret

  • Provided superior customer service support through close interaction with customers
  • Able to multitask between aiding customers, other associates, and maintaining the appearance and organization of arranged floor sets
  • Organizing merchandise to corporate standards in a fast-paced, customer-centered work environment
  • Gained extensive knowledge of the products as well as corporate sales data


Aug 2007Present

Bachelor of Arts

Purdue University

Significant Coursework: Advanced Presentational Speaking; Organizational Communication; Emerging Technology in Communication; Visual Communication Design Computing


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Jami Kyper

Lucia Hannau

Design and Writing Samples


Operating Computer Programs
I have had a lot of experience working with computers and computer programs and software. The programs I excel in are:   Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Power Point, Excel) Tenant Pro Adobe Suite (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash) I am very comfortable using both Macs and PCs
Customer Service
Ever since my first job answering phones for a Chicago Pizzeria, my professional experience has revolved around customer service. I find thrill in interacting with customers and making sure they have a positive experience when communicating with me. I have held quite a few jobs in sales and through those jobs, I gained different skills in customer service.   With my job at Victoria's Secret, I have to interact with customers on a very personal level to be able to aid them in finding exactly what they are looking for. I need to be able to connect with a person in less than thirty seconds so that they will feel comfortable communicating with me. My job as sales associate at Victoria's Secret has given me an immense amount of customer service skills that I would be able to apply to any position i acquire in the future.   I also have customer service experience that focuses on problem solving. As a leasing agent at Basham Rentals, it is my duty to communicate with potential tenants to determine exactly what apartment style would fit them best. Not every potential tenant is immediately satisfied with apartments that are shown to them, so I need to problem solve through communication to find an apartment that would be their perfect fit. My experience with professional problem solving in a customer service atmosphere has prepared me for similar situations that are bound to occur in a career in real estate.
Operating Adobe Programs
While working towards my minor in graphic design, I gained a lot of experience working with Adobe programs such as InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and Flash.    I have used my skills in Adobe towards projects such as: Designing programs for Chicago Park District's preschool - second grade performances Designing and organizing information in brochure form for Basham Rentals Won t-shirt design contest for a local Chicago band Building websites for personal use as well as professional Examples of my designs can be found on the right sidebar.