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Work experience

Jul 1993Present




Joined the navy in Jul 1993 as a seaman in the apprenticeship program. completed the apprentice ship training then reported to my first command USS GRASP ARS-51 from Dec 1993-Jun 1997 an auxillary and rescue salvage ship. While on there my first 18 months i was in deck department, we were in charge of keeping the outside of the ship looking in tip top shape that involved painting and preservating and keeping the decks clean. After my 18months i struck into the radioman rate. I learned what i needed to during OJT(on the job training) then made RM3 petty officer 3rd class first time up on my advancement exam. I spent 4yrs on there as a communicator for the ship making sure we can talk to the other ships and shore stations in the fleet. I participated in 2 medcruises on the ship and was in support of the TWA FLIGHT 800 that went down off the coast of New York.  I then went to Radioman A-SCHOOL from Jul 97-Dec 97. where i learned the basics of being a radioman/information system technician. In the time i was attending school the Radioman rate and Database processors joined rates together to make IT'S(INFORMATION SYSTEM TECHNICIANS). I graduated in the top 10 of my class. Next i was stationed on the USS VALLEY FORGE CG-50 from Dec 1997 to OCT 2001 as an IT we did communication and lan network management for the ship. We ran the network and did trouble calls for the whole ship and also setup all communications in all bands from UHF, HF,  and EHF communications. I ended up participating in 2 cruises on there also a westpac where we spent 3 out of the 6 months in the Persian Gulf for Arabian support and a southpac where we did joint work with the Coast Guard participating in drug operations. I made rank on the valley forge after 3 times taking the advancement exam to put on IT2 Petty Officer 2nd class. I left the Valley Forge after that it was on to shore duty at NCTSCU DET FF a communication detachment our of Oklahoma City. We did communcation support for the planes out of Oklahoma city E-6 BRAVOS. I learned all i could there and had alot of responsiblities then became a watch supervisor and trainer for the junior personnel passing on my knowledge to the next person so everyones knowledge was very good. I made IT1 Sept 2002 where then i spent 3 yrs there till OCT 2003 when i precommed USS NITZE DDG-94 i was in the beginning phases so i got to see how the ship was being built from scratch in bath maine. I was in charge of all the programs getting put together so our division can run and function when it was time to be on the ship. I was stationed on there from OCT 2003-DEC2008. I ended up participating in the first and maiden cruise for the ship where we went to the Persian gulf for Arabian support and was out for 7months total. I was the most knowledgeable IT in our radio shack on the ship when it came to telecommunications and all the systems that ship suported. I was the trainer for all the personal and was Assistant Leading Petty officer for our division so i helped run the division making sure all the jobs that needed to be done was done and in a good professional manner. After USS NITZE i went back to shore duty and came to NCTAMS LANT JAN 2008 to present. The communication master station. In the short amount of time i have been here i have learned all the systems and have been placed in the position as ACOW(Assistant Chief of the Watch) 2nd person in charge of the watch team. I am still learning the newer systems that we have and upgrades we get but always willing to learn. Here we also Provide rapid, reliable and secure voice, video and data services and communications links in support of Command, Control, Computer, Communications and Intelligence (C4I) to Joint U.S. Forces deployed worldwide ashore and afloat. Direct the operation and maintenance of assigned elements of the Naval Telecommunications System (NTS), DII, and commercial assets in support of area commands, Chief of Naval Operations, and Joint Chiefs of Staff. Currently attached to MSRON-6(Maritime Expeditionary Sqadron 6) working with computers and mobile communications. The command is being disestablished so i am waiting on my orders to USS GEORGE H. W. BUSH.

Jun 1992Jul 1993




Starting out as a beginner working at making the hamburgers sending the buns and burgers thru the boiler. Wanting to learn all the jobs took the initiative to learn the registers working up front with the customers. I was able to receive a very good performance from one of the inspectors that came in to evaluate our restaurant. I learned the fry area then the drive thru and during the summer i was able to see what is involved in opening the store. I learned all that in a short amount of time and then became in charge as a shift leader for the remaining time i was there. The owner of all our stores new i was joining the military and said if i ever wanted my job back it would be here waiting. I was offered assistant manager but decided to explore what i can learn fighting for our country by joining the navy.


I have alot of interests  from spending time with my family and my wife and animals,  playing sports, hanging with friends or coworkers, shooting pool, singing(karoke), reading, running, bowling, softball, music my favorites are country and 80's, attending concerts, and amusment parks.

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