Founded over a decade ago, American Truck Group, LLC, recognizes the importance of the independent owner-operator in the trucking industry. Realizing that the recent recession has caused difficulties for many of these individuals, American Truck Group works to give a second chance to drivers who may have been turned away by banks and lenders due to poor credit. They carry an inventory of late-model tractor units from manufacturers such as Volvo, Freightliner, Kenworth, Peterbilt, International, Western Star, and Mack, all available at reasonable prices. In addition to sales, the company supports purchasers of their vehicles with a full service department. Whether a truck needs cosmetic work such as chrome and graphics touch-ups, or more involved repairs such as motor rebuilding or driveline service, American Truck Group is a one-stop destination for owner-operators.American Truck has been successful enough to invest in a $15 million facility, bringing better service to their customers. They regularly put marketing efforts into advertisements in and In addition, they have recently partnered with a tire retreading manufacturing plant in Gulfport, Mississippi. In October of 2011, the group announced that they have become the largest distributor of Johnson Controls Truck Batteries in North America. Along with making vehicles available through traditional cash payments or rent-to-buy arrangements, the corporation is poised to be a comprehensive sales-and-service facility for independent United States truck drivers.

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