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The field of Dietetics is extremely diverse and continuously growing. I became interested in this field upon entering college due to personal experiences I have had that have made me want to work with people and help them in the health field. The focuses in Dietetics I am the most interested in and passionate about are sports nutrition, children and eating disorders, and obesity. I grew up playing multiple sports as a child and it has significantly helped me become the person I have grown to be today. Today I am a college athlete and have realized the importance of eating the right things and how much that can help strength and performance. This has me intrigued to learn more about how food affects our bodies and how to optimize performance by what we eat and drink.

I am also interested in working with children that have eating disorders. I have seen the effects eating disorders can have on children and their friends and families from personal experience. I want to be able to help those children get better and have a positive attitude about food and themselves. Something else I would like to work with is obesity. The negatives of obesity affect so many people and to be able to help people become more comfortable with their bodies and feel better about themselves through nutrition would be amazing to be able to do. Overall, the idea of being able to help people and work with them on nutrition to help them feel better is what really motivates me to be a Registered Dietitian.

Now being a sophomore in college I am starting to seek more and more opportunities to get involved and find opportunities that are going to help me in this field. Some of these include the Akron Children’s Hospital Obesity Program, the Ohio 1-Million Hearts, and working with some sports teams of the University. Up to this point I have always been involved in a lot of extracurricular activities that have helped me build leadership skills. In high school I was part of Student Council, President of our Student Government, and President of National Honor Society. Being President of both those organizations helped me develop leadership skills and to organize and carry out different events and be in charge of delegation different parts to different people.

Now in college I am a member of SDA (Student Dietetic Association), FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes), and the Varsity Softball Team. Being involved in these campus activities has helped me develop more time management skills and be able to handle responsibilities for different organizations.

Other things that have given me experience that I can relate to this field is babysitting, Small Group, working as a server, and working with a Personal Trainer. Babysitting gave me the opportunity to be responsible for someone else’s children. I have also gained a background of working with children and how to handle children in different situations. Being a part of my church’s Small Group helped me reach out to help the community in different ways. This is something I feel you have to do as a Registered Dietitian, you have to reach out to people and help them in whatever ways they may need it from a nutritional standpoint. In the Small Group we delivered Thanksgiving dinners to the homes of the less fortunate that couldn’t afford a Thanksgiving dinner for their family. This allowed us to see into the homes of some people that really needed help and showed that nutritional problems aren’t just from not wanting to make a change but also from bad financial problems.

I also worked as a server for three summers at Westfield Blair Center. We didn’t cook food but did help prepare cold food, salads, and breads. One of our focuses was preparing clean dishes with appropriate serving sizes. This helped me start focusing on appropriate serving sizes rather than the typical large ones you get in many restaurants today.

I view myself as a leader with a very positive attitude. I like to be a positive person for myself as well as for other people. Being able to help lift the people around me with a positive attitude is something I try to do on a regular basis. This is something that can help me in this field because it goes back to one of the reason I want to be a Registered Dietitian in the first place. I want to help people and there is no better way to start doing that than leading by example and doing it with a positive attitude to help other people.

Being dedicated, eager to learn, and experience new things is also something I find important in this field and is something that I possess. Dietetics is a continuously growing field and I think that being eager to keep learning more and experiencing new opportunities can help me become well rounded. This could potentially help find different ways to help people you hadn’t thought of before also. It really comes down to working with people too. I have held many positions in activities and jobs that allowed me to gain a lot of experience working with people in different situations. Being a Registered Dietitian would put me in the position to work with people all the time, which this background is very good for.

Some things that I have been working on include my time management and my ability to respond to a diverse group of people. I am continuing to learn to balance more things as I try and be involved in more and gain more experience in this field. I am also aware that in this field we will work with a diversity of people and need to learn how to respond in the most positive way possible to a diverse group of people. If I can improve these qualities and keep building my strengths these could really help me as a Registered Dietitian in the future.

Work experience

Jun 2012Present

Assistant Coach

Ohio Stingrays Organization

I worked as the assistant coach under Terry Morman begining last summer coaching 18 and under girls. I played for Terry then began to help coach when I could no longer play. It gave me valuable experience working with teenagers and also helped me develope leadership skills.

Jun 2010Present

Pitching Lessons

I have worked with girls from the ages of 10 to 16 with pitching for softball. It gave me valuable leadership skills and also experience working with a younger age group.

May 2012Aug 2012

Factory Worker

Wooster Brush Company

Worked on a machine that tipped professional paint brushes and learned to fill out many different forms for records and for quantity.

Jun 2009Aug 2011


Westfield Group

I worked as a server at special events such as wedding receptions, meetings for CEO's, outside agents, and different groups within the company, golf outings, cookouts, ect. We were responsible for cleaning the banquet rooms and making sure they were ready and set up for different events. At events we were responsible for serving drinks and food. We also did some food prep with salads and cutting different fruits of vegetables.


Brad Latimer

Terry Morman

Chad Caplinger