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Profile Summary

  • About 1.6 years of experience in an electronics manufacturing company, focusing on overall electronics product development (involving both hardware and software) and business development.
  • 3 years of research experience in IIIT Bangalore as a research scholar, culminating in two research papers and a thesis on mathematical modeling and verification of hybrid systems.

Professional Qualifications

July '17Jan '18

Product Management Certification


A comprehensive program — 4 case studies, 15 assignments, 200+ hours of industry-oriented learning

Aug '13June '16

Master of Science by Research (MS)

International Institute of information Technology, Bangalore

Electronic System Design (GPA- 3.1/4)

Published 2 research papers
1 - Towards formal verification of adaptive cruise controller using SpaceEx
A formal mathematical model of  Adaptive Cruise Controller to formally verify its safety critical behavior.
2- Formal verification of switched capacitor DC to DC power converter
An approach to formally verify switched capacitor DC-DC power converter using simulation traces is proposed.

Published Thesis titled “Approaches to Formal Verification of Analog and Mixed System Designs” which involved mathematical modeling & verification of hybrid systems.

Aug '09May '13

Bachelor of Technology

Institute of Technology, GGV Bilaspur (Central University)

Electronics and Communications Engineering (GPA- 8.91/10)

Product Management Portfolio

  1. Did competitive-analysis between Ola and Meru Cab
  2. Conducted market-sizing and survey for furniture rental demands in Indian market
  3. Conducted contextual-inquiry , for understanding LinkedIn users’ pain points
  4. Made user journey map for an e-commerce setup
  5. Fitness App - A case study (user research and product artifact)
  6. Made paper prototype for time scheduling mobile and smartwatch app
  7. Created wireframe for a time scheduling app
  8. Made Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for money management app
  9. Product Analytics - Identified relevant metrics and created wireframe dashboard for tracking these metrics across the life cycle(AARRR framework) of a SaaS product
  10. Did funnel analysis for a SaaS product which was a personal expense management app.

Professional Experience

June '16Present

Engineer - Product

Velankani Electronics Private Limited
  • Memory Business
    Developing roadmap and charting out the detailed immediate and long term future plan. Understanding the
    tax laws on the import as well as the local manufacturing of these products.
  • USB Flash Drive (Pen Drive) - ongoing
    Market study, Business case building and then forging relationships with suppliers, for USB Flash drive (PD)
    manufacturing. Technical Study, industrial design and development and finally managing the manufacturing of the PD.
  • System on Chip design and development - ongoing
    Working with the intellectual property vendors to develop SoC from HD Set Top Box and Memory controllers.
    Leading a small team of 5 members for SoC design activities.
  • Solid State Drive - done
    Market study, Business case building and then forging relationships with suppliers, for Solid State Drive (SSD)
    manufacturing. Technical Study, design and development and finally managing the manufacturing of the SSD.

Academic Projects and Accomplishments

  1. System to Aid Primary Medical Diagnosis and EMR maintenance                                             Jan ‘14 – March ‘14
    pain points addressed: primary diagnosis delay; wrong diagnosis; maintenance of electronic medical record
  2. GATE-2013 qualified (ECE)
  3. Selected in National Standard Examination in Physics 2006 - 2007

Leadership Roles and Volunteering

  • Member of IoT for Smart Cities Taskforce (An initiative to help government with smart cities related policies)
  • College Ambassador for ITGGV in Techkriti-2012 IIT KANPUR
  • Team Leader of sponsorship team in Equilibrio-2012, annual technical festival of ITGGV Bilaspur.