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I am Amber Nelson, an 19 year old snowboarder living in Salt Lake City. I grew up riding Grand Targhee/Jackson Hole and still spend a large portion of my winters in the Teton Range. This past season my goal was to balance the competitive aspect of snowboarding with freeriding. I had crazy amounts of fun and progressed more than I could imagine. After a successful season last year I have even bigger and better plans for the upcoming season. My main goals for the upcoming season include; venturing deeper into the Teton backcountry and, finishing top 3 at a 4* FWQ event, along with filming a full video part. Competitive snowboarding has been a great experience that I have grown to love. It has been a wonderful way for me to travel to new places, make friends with people who share similar passions and continue progressing my riding skills. I have been competing in the Jr. Freeride Tour since 2013 and now will continue to compete in the Subaru Freeride Series competitions as well as film a full video part. I aspire to be one of the top female backcountry riders and am working towards it every day. My love for the mountains and snowboarding is infinite, there is nothing I enjoy more. Snowboarding is my life, hobby and passion I plan on riding for the rest of my life.