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  • Consumer Liasion - The Key to Making Dietary Supplement Products more Marketable

Consumer education is the way to make all herbal and dietary supplement products more marketable. We are coming into an era when manufacturers must differentiate their product from competitors in order for it to succeed.  Whether it is product purity, standardization, Certified Organic, non-GMO, sustainably harvested and manufactured, adhering to FDA standards, or even supportive of a cause, we must educate the consumer as to WHY one product is better than another.  The retailer and the customer must both understand what these differentiating factors mean for their own health and safety. This is what a Consumer Liaison does; consults on the consumer mindset and educates the consumer through written word, video education, and presentations.

  • Sustainability as a  Leading Market Differentiator
  • Consumer Mindset in Natural Product Channel Development
  • Three Major Shifts for 2013
  • Marketing Ayurveda in the Twenty First Century

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Work experience
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Amber Lynn Vitale

Amber Lynn Vitale is a nationally trusted authority on integrative and holistic health practice.Vitale is an independent producer of written and video content known for a fresh approach to current health issues.  As an authority content provider, Vitale is engaged on two editorial advisory boards and is a contributing writer for six nationally distributed publications.

With Vitale ReviveSM, Amber Lynn Vitale has forged new ground in fusing Ayurveda, yoga, bodywork and nutrition to help you forgive yourself from disease: Power up your immunity, get out of a disease state so you can fulfill your duties and live your purpose; and most of all, so you can enjoy life!

Through Vitale VitalitySM, optimize your health, your energy levels, your immunity, and your longevity.

Vitale is a leading edge practitioner and educator of Fusion BodyworkSM. Unique in the field, Fusion BodyworkSM education integrates 17 years of practice in multiple disciplines to benefit your body, help you recover from over use and over stress, and to repair and heal.