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Work History

Apr 2015Present

Ticket Seller

Columbia City High School

I sit at a table for two hours, and sell tickets to the game's audience, as well as greet them to the game.

Jun 2014Present

Concession Stand Worker

Columbia City High School Cheerleaders

During the summer, I volunteer to sell concession stand food items such as popcorn and snow cones in order to raise money for the Columbia City Cheerleaders.



Karen Hedrick

Occasionally, I will babysit Karen's three children, Alex, Andrew, and Amiaya. For them, I cooked, cleaned, and played with the children. All three of these kids are well behaved, so it makes babysitting fun.

Oct 2014Dec 2014

Food Server

Parkview Hospital

I volunteered to serve food for a Parkview Hospital company picnic at the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo.


Aug 2014Present

Academic Honors Diploma 

Columbia City High School

As a freshman, I am taking all available Honors classes to help me receive my Academic Honors Diploma. During the next school year, I will also being taking more Honors classes and will also be taking an Advanced Placement course in World History. For the last two years of my high school career, I plan on taking more Honors and Advanced Placement courses.




When I was in elementary school, I began to take photography in 4-H. Ever since the beginning of elementary school, I have continued to farther advance my photography, learning more uses of a camera, and different ways to approach a scene I want to photograph. I continue to use my photography skills during every season.


When I was in second grade, I wrote letters to my teacher everyday. It was during this time that I had developed a skill for writing, and I even got an award from the teacher for my letter writing. From second grade on up, I have always had advanced writing skills and are still improving those skills today.


With being a cheerleader, I had to learn at an early age that there is no "i" in team. Teamwork has allowed me to learn that I cannot to everything by myself and that to be a team player, you have to listen to others and share ideas. Since I have been a cheerleader for seven seasons and five mini-cheer camps, it's no mystery that I have excellent teamwork skills.


Since middle school, I have became a natural pro when it came persuading anybody. My friend and I always had to leave the classroom for teacher help and I always had to persuade the teacher to let us leave. Over the years, I became a pro at persuading people to let me leave, to persuading people to extend the due date for school work.


My organization skills developed with simply just cleaning up my room. Now, I organize not only my room, but my sister's room, my parents bathroom, and even the kitchen. Being organized has helped me to be able to get my chores and homework done in time for school, which also motivates me to continue to organize.


Born to talk, I have developed the skill of being a leader in a positive manner. With being a leader, I work hard daily to advance my leadership skills.

Basic Fishing 

Growing up with a pond at our house and my Grandpa loving to fish, I was taught at an early age how to fish. Every summer, my Grandpa comes up to our house for a week to fish; and when he does, I fish with him for bonding time and to progress my fishing skills.

Public Speaking 

Ever since my first presentation where I had to speak to a classroom of people, I have developed into being a magnificent public speaker and  I am not afraid of talking in front of a classroom.


Working hard as a young child has allowed for me to be able to do both my right and left splits. On my right splits, I am able to raise my foot on a staircase, and still am able to go push down onto the floor.

Basic Photoshop

I have been able to master the basic Photoshop skills used to enhance any photograph given to me.