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I believe that I have much experience with different types of businesses and I can handle a job just as anyone else. I have many skills needed to be successful in most jobs with good customer service and how to handle food and money.

Work experience

Feb 2012Present


This job of babysitting has been an on going expierence until this day. I started out with my family and helping them with their kids but now I help my neighbor out 5 days a week for 6 hours a day. It helped me learn how to control my behavior and temper especially because they are just young kids.

Jun 2014Present


My Yogurt

At this yogurt shop, I clean up and help customers with whatever they need. I stand outside and help bring in customers with little sample cups filled with yogurt. This has taught me very well customer services and taught me how to use plenty of different systems. I have also learned food handling skills and rules needed to apply to food that people are going to consume.

Apr 2012Apr 2013


Alpine Ranch Market

I worked as a cashier for roughly a year. I would stack the shelves with the new items we would receive from other companies. I would make price tags depending on how much each item was worth and price it at its' right price in order to make some money for the company. During closing shifts I would mop the floors and put all the money away in the safe and take care of any other cleaning that needs to be done. This taught me how to value money and also how to handle money and groceries and what not. This was a family business but it was great experience for me because I learned customer service.


Sep 2011Jun 2015

Valhalla High School

I am on track to graduating high school and getting ready to be set out into the real world and move onto college and pursue the college and career I wish to choose.


I speak arabic and chaldean languages with some of my family. I started when I first began talking and I will continue to progress in these languages as I grow.
Smart Phones
I am well with smart phones and can easily find a way to fix them. Settings and everything else included on them seems natural to me. I catch along to things very easily and can adapt to new things fast.
Social Media
I am good with working on social media. I have a lot of experience on being involved in social media. I have been using many different types of social media accounts for many years now.


I am involved with my church and every two years we go on a five day trip to churches around the United States and learn about all the different types of ways people live and survive their lives.


Lauren Salem- Owner of "My Yogurt"

Tommy Ballo- Owner of "Alpine Ranch Market"