Committed to the promise of cross-cultural exchange, Ambassador Nannies is a new child care and education agency serving families in the San Diego, California, area. Agency Director Marc Mischkind believes that children who receive a purposeful exposure to the language and traditions of another country develop a greater cultural awareness than children who do not. The goal of Marc Mischkind’s Ambassador Nannies—to provide not only the highest standard of child care but also an enriching cultural experience—places the agency on the cutting edge of a new global understanding. According to a 2007 report of the National Research Council, the extensive lack of knowledge about foreign cultures and languages has an adverse effect on the United States and its citizens, and also greatly decreases our country’s global economic success. Under the guidance of Marc Mischkind, Ambassador Nannies actively works to address this identified need. Marc Mischkind based Ambassador Nannies on the model of the international au pair program. Like au pairs, the agency’s nannies are expatriates and native speakers of their home languages who are qualified to provide one-on-one care for children. In addition to procuring individuals eager to work with children, Ambassador Nannies ensures that all child care providers pass rigorous background checks and achieve both CPR and first aid certifications. Improving on the au pair model, Marc Mischkind designed Ambassador Nannies to provide families with many opportunities for a suitable placement, including in-home interviews, online profiles, and a three-month, no-risk trial period. Ambassador Nannies and Marc Mischkind work to find each family and child the best possible match. Once an Ambassador Nanny and her San Diegan family starts their working relationship, the child is immersed in the arts, language, music, and traditions of another culture, providing a solid foundation for a worldwide awareness that will contribute greatly to the child’s future success. More information about the San Diego-based Ambassador Nannies can be found on Facebook, Twitter, or the agency’s website,  Alternatively, they can be reached at:

Marc Mischkind – Ambassador Nannies Director 858-381-5211 [email protected]San Diego, CA

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