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Work experience

Jun 2011Present

Agency, Chief Information Officer

California Department of Food and Agriculture

Hold full executive authority for all aspects of IT division including 50 staff members and $7.6 million annual operational budget. Manage IT contracts, projects, infrastructure, telecommunications, programming, helpdesk, and procurements. Coordinate technology activities both internally and with statewide stakeholders; serve as liaison with State CIO and 31 unaffiliated state departments, boards, and commissions.

Ramped up rapidly to assess, plan, and implement key activities to transform IT within the first 100 days as Agency CIO. Included campaign to stabilized IT finances by establishing the first fixed technology budget.

  • Assessed spend, modeled workloads, designed zero-based budget, and vetted approval through governance model.
  • Reprioritized spend on strategic initiatives from 5% to 15% of total resources in alignment with business needs.
  • Enabled expansion of IT workforce for first time in 5 years (10% growth in staff), leading to improved employee morale and internal mobile development capabilities for the first time ever within the department.

Spearheaded development of videoconferencing solution that was named 2012 national winner by the NASCIO for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Information Technology in State Government.

  • Led team in designing high-quality, cost-efficient solution that was rapidly deployed across 85 locations statewide in 90 days at average cost of $5,500 per system (10% of commercial solutions) and zero ongoing fees.
  • Captured 177% ROI within 6 months through reduction in travel expenses for key CDFA staff.

Project technical sponsor for critical final phase of Emerging Threats (ET) Identification System initiative to develop comprehensive data collection and reporting system that covers millions of animal health events.

  • Web-based, GIS-enabled system garnered recognition as a 2012 national finalist in the NASCIO awards for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Information Technology in State Government.
  • Replaced outdated processes and systems with innovative solution that transformed animal health management in California, delivered new efficiencies in disease tracking and prevention, and strengthened data integrity.
  • Delivered large-scale system on time and within budget despite 30-person reduction in program staff.

Change agent for continuous improvements and cost-efficient innovations that transform business results.

  • Piloted department email consolidation project in compliance with mandated migration of 1,200 end users to cloud-based environment. Reduced system maintenance (freeing 2 staff resources) and cut annual costs by $250,000+.
  • Responded to $19 million department budget reduction by assessing, redeploying, and realigning IT services.
  • Transformed field support through site visits, statewide assessment, business plan, and opening regional IT offices.

Significantly improved stakeholder outreach by establishing CDFA’s first blog (The Planting Seeds) for 2-way communication with community of 300+ stakeholder groups including 80,000 California farmers.

  • Provided avenue to share information and highlight important people and events in the industry with blog that logged 36,355 web page views and increased viewership 300% in 10 months.

Drove server virtualization project (replaced 50 physical servers with universal blade server environment) as strategy to reduce costs, trim hardware maintenance, boost flexibility, and undergird ongoing IT innovation.

  • Stemmed problems with expanding data center footprint and excessive data center power consumption.
  • Generated $150,000 savings in operational costs in the first year alone, reduced energy utilization by servers 330,558 kWh per year, and enabled same-day server deployment (down from 3 weeks).

Selected to serve on high-level state committees including California Independent Chief Information Officers (Chair), Information Management Policy Advisory Committee-IMPAC (ex-officio Board member), California IT Procurement Reform and Project Management Process Reform, and CSGNET Network Board Chairperson. 


May 1994


CSU, Sacramento
May 1992


CSU, Chico