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Brazilian / Portuguese, married.

E-mail: [email protected]

Tel. (55.11) 3083.4738 (home)

(55.11) 9611.2625 (mobile)

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·International experience in implementing Manufacturing Projects for fuel tanks in plastic with different technologies in various countries in Latin America (Brazil and Argentina), Europe (Belgium, England, Germany) and, lately, the United States, for auto-makers during the past 8 years.

·Diversified industrial experience resulting from 28 years in industries with serial and continuous production in the areas of polymers, petrochemicals, phenol resins, polyesters, acrylics, vinyl resins, household products, cosmetics and finally in plastic transformation industries.

·Success in launching new products and in implementation of cost saving and materials movement programs, logistic kanban and JIT, as well as in productive process modification for manufacturing cost reduction and replacement of imported components. I did implementation of Lean Manufacturing concepts. I had supervision up to 900 direct employees in Multinational Companies.

·I have experience in launching of consumer products, together with 8 years responsible for Quality Control / Development Laboratory.

·International exposure – I worked and resided in Buenos Aires, United States, Belgium, England, France and Germany.


Advanced studies in Organic Chemistry, 1972

Chemistry Institute

Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro – Rio de Janeiro - RJ

B.A. in Industrial Chemistry, 1968

Escola Nacional de Química

Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro - Rio de Janeiro – RJ


I am fluent in English, French and Spanish, have good knowledge of Italian and basic familiarity with German. My mother tongue is Portuguese.


Jan/2005 – actual


As an independent Consultant I’ve been acting together several Companies in the areas of Manufacturing, Operations and environmental.

In one job, I worked together an environmental Company (Sesama) and Petrobras to issue a report about environmental impact for implementation of an Integrated Petrochemical Complex (IPC) in Itaboraí, RJ, using the Crude Oil from Marlin submarine Brazilian east cost reserve.

IAMM – Several projects at different Companies for diagnosis of operational processes and research to implement KPI’s to measure productivity in Commercial and industrial areas.

Feb/ 1996 – Jan/2005


ðIndustrial Director / Continuous Improvement Director Caçapava – SP

INDUSTRIAL DIRECTOR1996-1998 – I had responsibilities for the implementation of South America Operations, in Caçapava, in the state of São Paulo. This plant produces fuel tanks for the VW GOL vehicle plant, located in Taubaté – SP.

In 1997, I was also responsible for the implementation of the ARGENTINA operation to supply fuel tanks for the FORD Argentina Plant.


1998-2002 - I was transferred to Europe to give technical support for European Operations in the implementation of COEXTRUSION projects. I was also responsible for fuel tanks production in BELGIUM (VOLVO, ROVER), ENGLAND (JAGUAR, TOYOTA, ROVER) and GERMANY (since November 1999, AUDI, DAIMLER CHRYSLER, TOYOTA, RENAULT), always responsible for production/process machine operations and in search of excellence.

In Germany I’ve been managing a PIP Plan (Performance Improvement Plan) which has been responsible for savings of €3 Millions Euros in two years (2001/02) covering material consumption, customer/internal PPM, waste reduction, energy and labor savings. Lean concepts and Direct Labor reduction were introduced.Other management tools (6 sigma – kaizen – 8D) were used in problem solutions. I’ve supported operations in OSSIAN, INDIANA, in the USA, during December 1, 2000 through March 2001. I am back in Brazil in the same position since October 2002, but in connection with customers as Program Manager for the fuel tanks area and accumulating the position of Continuous Improvement Director.

Oct/1986 – Feb/1995


ðGeneral Manufacturing Manager – São Paulo - SP

A Multinational NA with total annual sales of US$ 300 Million in Brazil. Reporting to the Latin America President, I was responsible for the manufacturing operations of chemical products, including petrochemical plants with continuous processes and/or batch and household production lines, besides blow molding/injection/extrusion and printed plastic films with LLDPE/PVC. Managed all manufacturing areas, besides strategic planning and operational for each Plant, including rationalization and moving materials. I was also responsible for reduction from 7 to 4 operations during the Collor Economic Plan in 1990.

Dec/ 1983- July 1986


ðOperations Manager – São Paulo - SP

It is a multinational American Company. I was responsible for all Manufacturing Operations: production, purchase, processes, development of new products and quality control. I was responsible for introduction of additional operations with blow molding machines for plastic flasks and also a production line for filling aerosols with deodorized butane gas. Products: cosmetics/household products / institutional products.

Dec/ 1979 -Nov/ 1983


ðTechnical Manager - São Paulo – SP

As TECHNICAL MANAGER was responsible for contracting third party production in skilled Companies, supervise all production/purchase operations for components/PCP/distribution quality control and new products development.

Jan/ 1975 - November 1979


ðLaboratory Coordinator - São Paulo – SP

As Laboratory Coordinator I was responsible for quality control and new products development. These comprised dietetics, cosmetics and household products (which included waxes, air fresheners, insecticides, detergents and institutional products.

From 1969 - 1982


ðAdjunctProfessor - Rio de Janeiro – RJ

I was professor of Organic Chemistry teaching classes of Organic Chemistry and laboratory experiences. Researcher during 5 years


The Carl E. Drugge AWARD – 1992 – In observance of outstanding performance while responding to Borden Emergency Response Team incidents with chemical products spills in the year 1992.


Schainin, Industrial Problem Solution, Germany, 2002

Prudukthaftung – Strategien zur Risikovorsorge, 2001

Adhesives for Packaging, 1994, ABRE

Risk, 1993, FMI - Factory Mutual International – SP

Emergency Response, 1990 – Findlay University – Ohio – EUA

International Water Conference, 1989 – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – USA


Manouchehr Kambakhsh

Work experience

Jan 1996Present

Industrial Director

TI Automotive

Sao Paulo, May 8th. 2008

Dear Sirs

I am a high level professional and would like to work with your products. I worked on the last 9 years in TI Automotive from automotive branch  and before  in the area of chemical products and of consumption in the Borden Brazilian Company Alba and also with consumer products and cosmetic in Stanley Home, Shell Chemical (Temana), and Ciba Geigy. In Stanley Home significant changes were done that they enabled components costs and nationalization reduction, besides verticalization of the production with the purchase of one blow molding machine. I have vast professional experience in the manufacture purchases area (import and export) besides contracts that did to some products in the several Companies where worked (especially in the Temana who subcontracted all its production) , and including international experience, having lived by more than 5 years (1997-2002)  outside the Country (A. Latin, Europe and USA), where was responsible for the projects implantation in Brazil and exterior, including the building construction of 10.000 m² and equipment installation in Cacapava Plant until SOP close to the customer.

In the Chemical Alba was the person responsible by the Manufacture of all Brazil's Plants (initially 7 factories and later just 4 after the Collor Plan). Consumer products manufactures of São Paulo, were transferred to Boituva where it is nowadays since 1987, where we install new assembly lines, blow molding machines in an ecologically correct project. The same happened in Cotia, Manaus and Curitiba Plants with several improvements projects including effluents controls and for resins implantation of ovens and dryers. In Ciba Geigy, in Stanley Home and in Temana I was responsible for the area of product Development.

The financial control of the operations always was an item of my larger priority in the Companies, since Budget's correct previous elaboration and in agreement with the executive, financial and commercial areas, as well as also the operational control during the exercise. The system of assured quality, as well as cost reduction projects are among my priorities and are the success base of any enterprise in the search of the operational excellence. The managerial indicators (KPI’s) are the control base of the operational efficiency (ppm internal, external, and vendors, downtime, inventory turn, absenteeism, O.E.E. Delivery on team, Premium freight) and a monitoring day by day in the shop floor.                                    The techniques Kanban JIT, Kaizen and Lean Manufacturing were used in Europe and in Brazil, as well as I received training in Schainin and technology use 6 sigma techniques in solution of operational problems. The Injection areas, extrusion and blow molding are of full domain because I worked with several natures plastics over the last 20 years. I am fluent in the French, English and Spanish languages, intermediate Italian and with German's notions.

I have double nationality Brazilian and Portuguese which permit me to work in Europe.


MarcioS. S.Araujo