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Ecole de Bois Sauvage


Amaranta Ursula, is a sweeping image of Ursula Iguaran, in her attempts to turn the decaying Buendia household and the town of Macondo around. She also is recognized for her uplifting spirit that she holds even until her last moments. She is a dilligent, and optimistic character; loves her family quite dearly and will go to many attempts to keep her family and her household together. Because of her strong work ethic, she is an excellent candidate for many jobs, but what makes her so superior is the fact that she is able to explore her own interests and ideas as well as keep the Buendia household as nice as she is singlehandedly able to. Macondo is doomed to the repetition of history, and the curse of time being repeated in a circle, so she is not able to fufill her duties as well as she may have liked, but she is most respected for her attempts.

"Active, small and indomitable like Ursula, and almost as pretty and provocative as Remedios the Beauty" (379)

-Gabriel Garcia Marquez

"It was Amaranta Ursula who ruled in that paradise of disaster" (405)

Possible Jobs & Interests



"Her festive genius was still so alive then that when she received new records she would invite Gaston to say in the parlor until very late to practice the dance steps that her schoolmates described to her in sketches" (382)

Becoming a Mother

"The only thing she needed to be completely happy was the birth of her children" (382)


Prized Characteristics

Quick Thinking

"She had only to push open the door to the parlor to realize that her absence had been longer and more destructive than she had imagined." (377)


"She did not even take a day of rest after the long trip. She put on some worn denim overalls that her husband had brought along with other automotive items and set about on a new restoration of the house" (377)


"As time passed, however, her attention to stay was more obvious, because she did not make any plans that were not a long way off, nor did she do anything that did not have as an aim the search for a comfortable life and a peaceful old age in Macondo" (379)

"Amaranta Ursula reiterated her decision not to move from Macondo even if she lost a husband" (393)


"Three months after her arrial one breathed once more the atmosphere of youth and festivity that had existed during the days of the pianola. No one in the house had ever been in a better mood at all hours and under any circumstances, nor had anyone ever been readier to sing and dance and toss all items and customs from the past in the trash." (378)

"A year after her return, although she had not succeeded in making any friends or giving any parties, Amaranta Ursula still believed that it was possible to rescue the community which had been singled out by misfortune" (380) 


"She...brought the rosebushes back to life, uprooted the weeds, and stanted ferns, oregano and begonias again in the pots along the railing". (378)
House Renovation
"She took charge of a crew of carpenters, locksmiths, and asons, who filled in the cracks in the floor, put doors and windows back on their hinges, repaired the furniture, and whitewashed the walls inside and out" (378)
Pest Control
"She scattered the red ants, who had already taken possesion of the porch" (378).
Domestic Maintainance
"With a sweep of her broom she did away with the funeral mementos and piles of useless trahs and articles of superstition that had been piling up in the corners" (378)
Fashion Design
"She was endowed with a rare instinct for anticipating fashion. When she recieved pictures of the most recent fashions in the mail, they only proved that she had not been wrong about the models that she designed herself and sewed on Amaranta's primitive pedal machine. She subscribed to every fashion magazine, art publication, and popular music review pubilshed in Europe and she had only to glance at them to realize that things in the world were going just as she imagined they were". (379)     "She was irresistible, with a dress she had designed and one of the long shad-vertebra necklaces that she herself had made" (391)

Work experience


Necklace Business

"In the lethargy of her pregnancy, Amaranta Ursula tried to set up a business made out of the backbones of fish" (408)

Bird Repopulator

Fortunate Isles

"Remembering that her mother had told her in a letter about the extermination of the birds, she had dleayed her trip several months until she found a ship that stopped at the Fortunate Isles and there she chose the finest twenty-five pairs of canaries so that she could repopulate the skies of Macondo...She tried in vain to awaken love in them by means of the birdcage that Ursula had build during the first reconstruction of the house" (379)


Aureliano (II) Buendia

"She was so spontaneuous, so emancipated, with such a free and modern spirit, that Aureliano did not know what to do with his body when he say her arrive...before he had a chance to react, she had already put a record on the portable phonography she had brough with her and was trying to teach him the latest dance steps. She made him change the dirty pants that he had inherited from Colonel Aureliano Buendia and gave him some youthful shirts and two-toned shoes, and she would push him into the street when he was spending too much time in Melquiades room" (378)