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I am a Software engineering student at ESPRIT, who is passionate about software development, technology and innovation, and very familiar with co-working. My attachment to Development started as a simple activity at first then turned to become a passion to me. My intention of a pastime would with no doubt include drawing, video-games and coding.  Right now,I’m looking for a suitable position with a company where outstanding performance is recognized and where I can work on a variety of high profile projects.


Sep 2006Jun 2010

Bachelor Degree in Computer Science

Abd Laaziz Elkhouja Kelibia

Work History

October 2016Jun 2017


Groupe Adaming Tunisie

End of Engineering studies project

Design and Implementation of a Portal which is a centered solution that is dedicated to belonging and non-belonging KPMG shareholders. It allows them to -not only- consult documents that were dispatched by the financial department director, but also to interact with the system by requesting documents or managing their personal informations.

Jan 2013Jun 2013


SAGEMCOM (Tunisia)

End of applied studies Project

Design and Implementation of Non-Compliance Tracking System .


Languages and Frameworks:

Java/JEE5/6, Java Spring, JSF, C++, Xml, SQL, NoSQL, PL/SQL, C#, Sharepoint,  ASP.Net MVC5, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, JQuery, Ajax, PHP5, AngularJS, Android, J2ME,  Symfony2, Visual Studio 2012/2013, Brackets, Intel xdk

Information Systems:


Database Management:

Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server


Scrum / Agile

System Administration:

Windows, Linux, Redhat

Network Administration

Cisco Technologies

Continuous Integration:

Github, Nexus, Jenkins

KPMG Portal

Design and Implementation of a Sharepoint Solution which is a Portal dedicated to KPMG. It consists in realising a project that allows users to manage documents 

System and Network Integration Project (Benchops)

Virtualization of enterprise's system in order to establish: DHCP and DNS Server, Active directory, Web server : Nginx, Mail server: Postfix+Dovecot, VoIP Server: Asterisk, Monitoring hosts and services with Nagios. Set up a DMZ, LAN and WAN area, a pfSense firewall between the WAN and the rest of the network, Implementation of Snort tool as an IDS/IPS, Simulation of different attacks with Backtrack.

Development Integration Project (Picture-Network)

A project that is based on sharing pictures, it is dedicated to photographers, models,  amateurs, and all people that are passioned with art. Picture Network is built on 3 parts and they are all related to a one and only database which is secured and contains all information needed in this network.  (JEE (ejb,jpa,ear),  SOA, MySql, ASP.NET design pattern / MVC: (Singleton/ DAO/ Façade, Android))

Development Intergration Project (SOS-animaux)

A project that consistes in sharing charity actions that are basicaly related to saving animals from danger which is by declaring injured animals (by posting their pictures and relative geographic informations) or even adopting them by a simple click. Technically speeking, the Project has 3 parts : a Desktop part developed with Java (dedicated to administrators), a web part realised with Symphony and a third Mobile part built with J2ME (both parts are dedicated to consumers and clients) . Followed by a marketing plan for commercialising the product.

Non-Compliancy Tracking System

A web application that allows the company's security manager to keep an eye on the LAN. The application scans the different VLANs of each department and detects all existing intrusions (all physically connected machines to the company's private network), if they doesn't exist in the database then the administrator has the right to join them by a simple click, else, a verification procedure is lunched to examine if all the computers' protection levels, and if they are not strongly secured then a reparation phase will start to install all the missing protection/prevention products on each damaged machine.

Events and Organization

TEDxESPRIT (team member)     -     JCI Kelibia (Team member)     -     EspritVert (Team member)


English (good technical level)  - French (good technical level) - Italian (Spoken) - Arabic (Native)


  • Welfare of animals, Volunteering, Psychology, Drawing , Swimming , video games, Associative work