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  Myself And My Creations

I am an entrepreneur and Founder of some Organisations ! I am an innovative, methodical, and well organized individual with good communication and interpersonal skills. My versatile knowledge and experiences help me to handle any difficult situation and to work under pressure with minimal supervision. I am a hardworking person and enjoy a job with challenges where I don't like to limit my challenges but would like to challenge the limit. I enjoy working in a creative environment where people are smart, dedicated and collaborative. I am the organizer of Global "WORLD ORPHANS DAY" Program in more then 100 countries. is my organization's website. My another successful business farm is Evento Mediano and i am the Managing Director here. Evento's website is . 

I have participated in six International Seminars and Round tables including  The Daily Star, CSPS and Egypt Embassy.  I have organized first Spelling Bee in our country in 2011 at District Shilpokola Academy, Chittagong. • Organized 1st Kids Education seminar in Chittagong on 19th December 2011 • Organized 1st School oriented Education Fair • Published two books for kids named “Magpie Basic Expressions” and “Puzzle for kids”  

Work History

Jan 2007Present

Founder and Chairman

World Orphan Centre (WOC)

World Orphan Centre (WOC)

I started the organization in 2007 along with some of my favorite students. I’m the Founder  and chairman of WOC.

Established in 2007, Working worldwide for the betterment of Orphans, urchins and rootless people.World Orphan Centre (WOC) is working to support orphans, underprivileged Children and Widows to make them self reliant.
WOC fund responds to most vital needs of its beneficiaries by operating Eight major support schemes:
1. Educational scholarships
2. Coverage of living expenses
3. Counseling apprenticeship
4. Medical Facilities/insurance
5. Employment
6. Adoption
7. Legal Support and
8. Social Business for widows

January 2014Present

Managing Director

Evento Mediano

Evento Mediano is an advertising agency and production development house, established in 2014 in Chittagong, Bangladesh to ensure superlative quality. We develop all the creative plans to boost business and events.

Evento Mediano makes each strategy to utilize a project’s physical and human resources in a way that maximizes creative quality.

Evento Mediano stimulates the senses, inspire attendees to action and move business forward. We’re a full-service international event management company that delivers exceptional quality. We provide certainty, impact and results, every time. Certainty, because we take care of all the details from start to finish. Impact, because we devise strategies to maximize audience engagement. Finally, results that ensure you meet your business objectives and a return on your investment.

Our analytical approach and passion for creativity gives us the skills to meet your needs and those of your end users.



Our production team know-how and years of experience, you can relax knowing the experts are taking care of everything, and we mean everything. We’ll work closely with you to ensure your brief is met and everything goes as planned.

• Cinematography
• Exhibition, Stage building & decoration.
• Video
• Technical support
• Interactive displays
• Simultaneous translations
• Sound & lighting


Our Commercial Projects team has a diverse set of backgrounds including creative advertising, film production, music videos, reality television, and visual effects.

At Evento Mediano Productions, we’ll collaborate with you to make your vision a reality, and design your message to connect with the audience on a visceral level.
We treat each project as an opportunity to help a company or product stand apart from the competition, by creating a message that is both persuasive and entertaining.

Feb 2009Present


Magpie Kidz World

Magpie Kidz world is a highly creative Company working on various needs of Kids. It has been working very sincerely since it's start in 2009. I am Responsible for all the activities of the Magpie where we are working on Pre schooling, Entertainment, Educational Materials, Heath service, Publications , Online Education and English Language teaching. 

Jun 2006Present

Founder and MD

[email protected]'s English Institute

 In the mid 2006 I established an English institute in Chittagong named [email protected]’s English Institute. With hard work and perseverance I developed the institution and make it popular to the talented students of the city. At the beginning I was taking just HSC (higher secondary certificate) courses  but with the great popularity  I had to inaugurate more courses like IELTS preparation, Spoken, English for Job, English for University Admission and so on TOEFL preparation course. I have been handling the institution with smart management since it's birth. Thousands of students have learnt English from my Institution and they are active in the whole world!

Nov 2011Jun 2016


Magpie International School (MIS)

I am the founder and Have been Magpie International School is a world class English medium school that is also a sister concern of Magpie Kids World. From the Beginning I have been working for formal development of it to keep pace with the rest of the world. Currently Here I managed 12 person director body and 10 staffs.

 I had been Responsible for entire Institution including training to the staffs, designing Education affairs campaigns and strategic planning for desired Service coverage