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Simon Fraser University


Bachelor of Arts 

Interactive Arts & Technology (Design concentration)

Skill Set

User Research, Use Cases, Competitive/Comparative Analysis, Design Heuristics, Copywriting, Persona Development, Design Evaluation, Service Design, Usability Testing, A/B Testing, Card Sorting, User Flows, Wireframes, Site Maps, Information Architecture


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The goal of this (school) project was to research and select a brand, then design a digital solution to a core business problem. This project was completed by a team of five, including myself, over the course of a few weeks.  Our solution was a subscription rental service for EB Games, to compete with a rise in downloadable games and the relatively high price of new games.

My role included the initial group researching of brands to identify an existing strong brand with a core business problem, and brainstorming which lead to our solution with the help of a framework defined by the brand, the problem, and their context. Then I created the customer/client journey frameworks to better understand the life cycle and touchpoints of our proposed service and where the significant design opportunities would be. Also, working with the visual designer and UI designer to create a cohesive experience at every interaction, reducing frictions, anticipating user needs and values, reducing cognitive overhead, and using design-driven thinking to problem solve. My role also included providing copy for the project and the script and direction for the project demonstration video.


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This project, like above, was to select a brand and find a core business problem then design a digital solution. This projects focus was on luxury brands, which provide products and services that go beyond tangible values, and aim for intangible and aspirational. This project was also completed by a team of five over a course of a few weeks, and started off with a case study of a project between R/GA and Nike (see above), analyzing how they applied UX to the collaboration. For Maserati, our design was a service application aimed at providing luxurious, personalized service to Maserati's existing customer base, with the goal of increasing brand loyalty.

My role in this project included researching, content writing, and collaborating with our teams graphic designer for the design of the infographics for the case study of R/GA and Nike. For this project, I was in charge of the same tasks as in the EB Games project, Copywriter, UX and Service design. This project, being a service application, was more heavily involved in service design and the work flow and information architecture of the application had to be precisely thought out from the first point of contact (buying the car) all the way to potentially no longer owning the vehicle, the whole lifecycle.


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This project is a materials design project focusing on the use of materials to create a functional desk lamp. Although not a UX project, it is a project that heavily relied on team members working together to create a fully functioning prototype from conception, design, and constant refinement, to the finished model within weeks. Our projects concept was of unity and collaboration as the lights (a total of three triangular shapes) turned on only when brought together. My main roles were sewing, prototyping, and modelling, along with helping with the design of the lamp at each stage.

Work experience

North Shore Kia



Receptionist, distributing customers and clients to appropriate departments. Updating spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel) of service and car payments and daily bank deposits. Providing support to the accounting department.




Front of house person, providing a friendly and inviting first point of contact with the business.