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    Writting ·      Create and write scripts for film and news. ·      Use correct format for new packages, shoot interviews and produced news stories.   Audio Production ·      Run operate equipment efficiently and productively ·      Run audio booths, set up live remotes. ·      Present announcements across the air ·      Record and edit sound tracks using adobe audition   Video Production ·      Use various types of cameras to shoot and record scenes. ·      Edit video on multiple platforms including Adobe Premiere, Final Cut, Final Cut X, and Avid ·      Create subtitles, menus, and effects using Adobe After Effects and Motion ·  Use three point lighting and extensive knowledge of proper lighting and colors.   Stage production ·      Build, construct walls, and use various power tools ·      Paint various colored textures for play productions under stage lighting ·      Interpret and read blueprints for stage design ·      Assemble and hang lighting equipment for fly systems    


RSU communication graduate with skills of non-linear editing and implementing broadcast production practices seeks part-time opportunities as to expand insight and experience in the film industry.

Acting History

Martha Brewster  Arsenic and Old Lace  -Will Rogers Theater 2013

Queen Gertrude   Hamlet- RSU Performance Studio 2011

RSU Public Televison



Reasors Bakery

Work experience

• Run cameras, teleprompter, set up and strike stage• Assist in contacting clients and members• Create graphic logos and design Facebook banners. • Design art pieces for various projects• File/Organize paperwork and Invoices


Production Assistant

Church on the Move

·Set up and strike stage equipment

·Organize various sound and stage equipment

Dec 2012Present

Assistant Producer

Playground of the Native Son

Docu-drama "Playground of the Native Son" and subsequent Feature Film based on the The Hominy Indians Football Team

·Sign in actors and help with their paperwork

·Purchased and picked up supplies for set design

·Assist catering services

Mar 2011Present

Production Assistant

Tulsa Community College

Production Assistant for "Time Changes Everything" a short film created at Tulsa Community College

·Clapper to keep time in sync

·Assist director in various shooting options

Sep 2008Aug 2012

Bakery Clerk


·Created and decorated an assortment of cakes, pastries, and cookies.

·Assisted in setup and preparation of food and materials

·Organized and kept stock of all food products and arranged various displays, while engaging with customers

·Prepared, baked and packaged over 600 dinner rolls in one shift