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Richmond Chinese Evangelical Free Church, Association for Canadian Studies, Canadian Blood Services, UBC Arts Co-op Student Association; Community Liason : Pi Theatre; Volunteer : PuSh International Performing Arts Festival, Vancouver Coastal Jazz and Blues Society Festival, Vancouver Folk Music Festival


Client focus · Strong desire to respond to debtors, creditors, trustees and public and exceed their expectations especially when a client is going through a critical period by considering cost-effective solutions

Interpersonal relations and respect · Keen sensitivity to responding and affirming the feelings, perspectives and motivations of others; informed by this knowledge to show concern for others, I make accurate assessments after assessing the issue and take appropriate action to achieve better solutions

Analytical thinking · Excellent ability to understand a situation and make systemic comparison of different aspects by organizing and rationalizing a complex and abstract problem and solution, recognize multiple casual links, anticipate obstacles and pull together information into a coherent picture to generate viable solutions

Effective interactive communication · Strong ability to transmit and receive information clearly and communicate effectively to others by considering their points of view in responding appropriately; including tact and diplomacy as well as the ability to convey ideas and information both orally and in writing to achieve desired results

Focus on Quality and Details · Ensures that tasks are completed well and on time with a focus on accuracy and quality through checking work or information; maintains accurate, relevant and logical files and information

Judgement · Excellent ability to identify potential causes of events, anticipate risks and analyse relationships among problems, anticipating obstacles to devise appropriate strategies and mitigate their impact

Language · Bilingual Imperative level: BBB/BBB; knowledge of Chinese language Technical · Proficient in Internet, MS Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint), WordPerfect, IMPACT, and E-filing; Learn all new computer programmes quickly· Type an average of 60 wpm


Work experience

Oct 2010Present

Bankruptcy Assistant – CR-04, Indeterminate

Industry Canada

· Extensive experience in analyzing, defining and providing information and assistance to debtors, creditors and trustees regarding telephone, walk-in and enquiries and complaints by correspondence on estates through working in the Regional Service Centre

· Strong experience in writing clear and logical documents, such as fact-finding reports, updates, and implementation action plans via email to colleagues, supervisors and managers and revising and providing supporting documents to updating user manuals, operational procedures, stakeholder guides, and implementation action plans or technical reports

· Excellent knowledge of the vision, mission and role of the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy to advise, explain and help the caller in bankruptcy and insolvency as well as to understand role of the OSB

· Extensive experience in researching and analyzing client feedback on issues with external and internal departments such as credit bureaux and insolvency search line, consolidating information and providing recommendations to management on how to improve services

· Strong ability to apply directives, policies or business or operational rules to identify issues debtors have with payments to the estate ; make recommendations on solutions including guiding the client to more information on the website for surplus income

· Excellent ability to draft, edit or rewrite documents such as acknowledging client complaints

· Extensive ability to communicate effectively in writing and recording enquiries and complaints reviewed by Complaints Handling Unit bankruptcy analysts and senior bankruptcy analysts

· Strong ability to communicate effectively orally to advise and direct clients to help and resources in bankruptcy and insolvency

· Excellent ability to work independently on Debtor compliance letters, as well as coordinating and collaborating as a team on duties and responsibilities within the Service Centre as well as supporting the other teams such as Debtor compliance, Trustee compliance, and detection 

May 2008Oct 2010

Traveler Services Representative and File Management – CR-04, co-op student, casual, term

Canada Border Services Agency
  • · Managed case files from delegated managers including subject files and in the management of documents and archives, the management of case files in Customs; including Customs and duties, Cost Recovery records and Work and Study Permits, files, documents, and records · Established and maintained classification, staffing and labour relations files including position, staffing process, conflict of interest, grievance, exclusion, essential services agreements · Provided advice and training to directorate and other regional staff on case file documentation requirements and procedures related to classification · Compiled statistics, researched background materials, prepared reports and correspondence and all documentation required to effect the classification of files, and all matters related to officer case files · Updated and produced organization databases for the department and solved problems with Confirmation of Permanent Residence documents for all new immigrants to be entered in accordance with Citizenship and Immigration Canada 
Jun 2007Aug 2008

Website Administrator and Day Camps Coordinator

IDEAS Intestinal Disease Awareness and Education Society
  • Provided exceptional customer service and people skills by communicating through excellent interpersonal skills to outreach to children, youths, and adults regarding intestinal disease, educational resources, and the summer bursary day camp programs offered
  • Maintained the three websites through programmes such as WordPress and Dreamweaver continually updating information including literature and media reviews, providing new resources, and presenting new research
Oct 2006Apr 2007

English Teacher

French Embassy of Canada

·Created, and organized English lessons for six elementary school classes to develop oral speaking skills

·Designed PowerPoint slides and presentations for French-English teachers on comparative educational systems

·Led and motivated 8 to 15 year-olds to learn the English language in a fun and educational way

·Spoke in French with administrators to communicate work and better cultural understanding

May 2006Sep 2006

Traveler Coordinator and Office Administrator

Canada Border Services Agency
  • Assisted in the preparation of briefings to staff, management and administration resulting in greater communication of improvements within the organization
  • Helped support events/meetings related to outcomes for planning better pedagogical and training materials as projects that have impacted present work experience
  • Worked in the customs hall reinforcing strong teamwork and networking skills, and boosting interpersonal and communication skills by working in the culturally diverse and international environment
  • Helped passengers, international and domestic travelers, and Border Services Officers to facilitate the customs and declaration process
  • Performed office administrative tasks and reception exerting strong organizational skills using MS office and other skill sets extensively
May 2005Sep 2005

Visitor Information Counsellor (VIC) and Sales Agent

Tourism Vancouver
  • Marketed tourist destinations, entertainment, and accommodation to foreign and domestic travelers and achieved top five in sales as well as great communication with visitors to Vancouver


Sep 2003May 2009

Bachelor of Arts

  • Arts Co-op program student
  • Relevant courses: Canadian Sociology, Politics and Literature, Theatre, History, Film and Media
  • Read, researched, and reviewed Canadian and international authors and scholars as well as writing related to fundraising principles, techniques, and ethics, particularly within the Canadian context for Theatre and Film
  • Wrote and edited approximately eight major papers per school year
Sep 1998Jun 2003

Secondary school diploma

Prince of Wales Mini School

Prince of Wales Mini School is a district enrichment program developed to meet the academic and social needs of highly motivated and creative students.The Mini School consists of approximately 150 students from Grade 8 to 12.