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Amanda lEONE  Headley

Junior Engineer/Site Supervisor

Work experience

Feb 2013Present

Junior Engineer/Site Supervisor


Internal Fit Out Supervisor – Started and completed a series of internal fit out projects. Work for such projects includes but is not limited to:

  • Attending client project meetings, Co-ordination with the Client and Consultants (Architectural, Mechanical, Electrical, etc.);
  • Laying out walls, ceilings and floors as needed;
  • Preparation and procurement of material quantities required for the job from drawings;
  • Using drawings and on-site measurements to prepare all internal labour-only sub-contractor packages for all associated works on the job;
  • Setting out and supervising daily works on site; Managing tool and storage containers if needed;
  • Managing all sub-contractors (AC, Electrical, Plumbers, Ceilings, Woodworks, Special Floors, etc.); Measuring works and preparing weekly labour-only payments for internal sub-contractors (Stud and Gypsum work, tiling, painting, general labour, etc.);
  • Measuring and Submitting details for special fixtures (e.g. curved glass and metal frames, bathroom stall finishes, etc.); Quality control of finishes;
  • Snagging after completion.

The above description was carried out for the following Business Offices: Deloitte, The Goddard Enterprise Ltd, Sagicor Financial Corporation and SOL Petroleum (Corporate)

Luxury Condominium Supervisor – Main focus on such projects was the installation of finishes, quality control and Safety.  Works for projects include but not limited to:

  • Safety of the construction site;
  • Co-ordination with consultants (Engineering, Architectural and Interior Design);
  • Setting out and supervising daily works; Laying out as required;
  • Measuring and preparing templates for special orders;
  • Quality control and supervision on the installation of finishes (Coral stone works, Doors, Windows and hardware, Special furniture, Special tiling, Marble countertops etc.);
  • Co-ordination with sub-contractors and quality control of their works (AC, Electrical, Plumbing, Generator Contractors, Elevator Contractors, Marble and Stone Contractors etc.);
  • Managing, measuring works and preparing weekly labour-only payments for internal sub-contractors (stone and masonry, carpentry, tiling, painting, general labour, etc.);
  • Snagging as required.

The above description was carried out for the following: Port Ferdinand Barbados and Palazzate Barbados.

Millworks SupervisorWorked temporally in company’s workshop and was responsible for quality Control, Operations and Delivery. Worked checking the details for items in workshop against architectural drawings; Checking the quality of joinery as products were completed and monitoring and controlling the finishes prior to items leaving the workshop; Delivered items to sites and requested.

Road Works Supervisor – Worked on pipe laying project, main duties involved the planning, executing, monitoring and controlling of all works within the projects’ scope. Also responsibilities included setting out of daily duties for attendance on site and supervision of site work. 

Project: Ionics Pipeline Project

Feb 2011Jan 2013

Project Manager/ Site Supervisor


Worked directly with the project director of the company and independently as an on-site supervisor for multiple buildings under construction.  Duties involved: coordination of works with nominated and domestic subcontractors, coordination of weekly technical and tool box meetings to maintain the smooth running of works for projects; analysis of drawings in order for works to be executed on site; working along with head foreman or surveyor to lay out building from foundation to roof level; preparation of material quantities required for the job from the bill of quantities and also from drawings; preparation of sub-contractor payments and weekly workers’ time cards; general site supervision; full site inspections of all works; preparation of daily site logs, inventory sheets as well as monthly contractor reports and procurement for project meetings, preparation of valuations, cash flow projection and project programs when required. 

Jul 2010Feb 2011

Junior Engineer


Worked in unison with junior and senior engineers in the company on site and in office.  Conducted the preparation and interpretation of structural drawings, site supervision, site co-ordination, site inspections and general site management works.  Aided in in-office design work inclusive of AutoCAD drawings.


Feb 2015Present




Communication Skills

Developed good verbal and written communication skills from work experience and conducting class and organisation presentations.

Problem Solving

Developed excellent analytical approaches to problem solving demanded by research work at university and during work experience. 

Ability to work independently

Worked unsupervised for much of the time and I am able to maintain focus while working under pressure.  I have adopted good time management skills in order to meet course objectives.

Team Player

Currently Working with the management team during, initiation, planning, execution, and monitor and controlling of construction projects.  

Computer Skills

Worked with wide range of databases computer packages and Internet for research projects. Working knowledge in Microsoft Projects, Word, Excel and Power Point. Basic knowledge in engineering programmes such as AutoCAD and STADD.