Amanda Bruno

Work experience

Work experience
Aug 2009 - Present

Cafeteria Manager

Sts. Joan of Arc and Patrick School

I am currently the cafeteria manager at a private school.  This job require7s a lot of physical activity and stamina.  I need to be able to think quickly and make adjustments when problems arise.  I am also required to lift heavy equipment.   Other responsibilities include but aren't limited to: purchasing food for two different campuses, making monthly menus, making schedules, preparing food on a daily basis while adhering to the government's school lunch nutritional requirements, and any record keeping necessary.

Apr 2009 - Aug 2009


Robert J Kinsey Youth Center

After leaving the restaurant I began working at the Robert J. Kinsey Youth Center.  I helped serve lunch and then was responsible for preparing and serving the evening meal in addition to cleaning the entire kitchen.  It was a fairly straight forward job.  I did my best to make appetizing healthy meals with the ingredients available to me. 

Mar 2007 - Feb 2009


Salvo's Ristorante Italiano

I recently owned and operated an Italian restaurant with my, now, ex-husband and family for 2 years.  I hostessed, cooked, ran the kitchen, made menus, booked parties, made schedules, took care of corespondance, ran the lunch hour, did inventory, purchased products, hired and fired employees, etc.  You name it, I did it!  I really put my heart into our business and don't have any regrets in regards to my work performance.  I gave 100% no matter what and really enjoyed running my own part of the business.

Sep 2000 - Sep 2002


F.I.R.E. International

I served for two years at CITA  (Christ is the Answer) team 2 in Italy under the supervision of FIRE International, missions organization.  I performed many different duties including but not limited to personal ministry and street evangelism.  Day to day activities typically involved janitorial work, clerical/office work, cooking, woodworking/carpentry .  I learned the language quickly, being able to translate after one and a half months and being nearly fluent after three months.  I can read better in Italian than I write but still study in my spare time.  It was a life changing experience.


Aug 2010 - Present

Associate of Applied Science

Ivy Tech Community College
Aug 1997 - Apr 2000

Associate of Arts and Religion

Brownsville Revival School of Ministry
Aug 1993 - May 1997

H.S. Diploma

Eastern High School


Though I've had a lot of experience these past few years with food service I would like to branch out and do something different.  I am looking for a new challenge and to head a completely new direction.


I really enjoy  hiking, camping, kayaking, being outdoors, gardening, and writing.  I love music and art.  I like to read when I get the chance and enjoy traveling, experiencing other cultures and learning new languages.  My first trip out of the country was to Costa Rica when I was 12 years old, since then I've been to Mexico twice, Guatemala, Italy, France, Swizterland, Malaysia, and Australia. While visiting these countries I participated in construction, feeding and other various aid work.  I enjoy working with my hands.  I know how to lay tile, paint and other miscellaneous things pertaining to light construction.  I've done masonry, carpentry, gardening, office/clerical work, cooking, and cleaning.  I enjoy doing new things and adapting to new environments.  I like working with a team.  I am a quick learner and I get the job done.



Cash Register Experience

I am familiar with using a cash register.  I am also comfortable with computers.

I am fluent in Italian

I lived in Italy for 3 years and had to read, write and speak the language.  Though I am a little shabby in writing skills I still can read and speak Italian with no issues.



Certified Food Manager

Howard County Health Department