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Amanda Bufkin

High school student at Columbia City High School\Eagle Tech Academy



I'm on the Columbia City high school bowling team.

Group Work

At ETA there is a lot of group work involved. So I know a lot about the different people in groups like; the ones that don't do anything, the leaders, etc.

Basic Photoshop

The basic how to edit a photo but also other things that I have learned in other classes.

Public Speaking

In the school that I go to becoming a good public speaker is something they believe everyone should know how to do, whether you will use it later on in your life or not.


Aug 2014May 2015


Columbia city highschool

A 4 year high school that I only go to for one period a day.

Aug 2014May 2015


Eagle Tech Academy

A highly technical school where everyone has a laptop. At ETA you can acquire a lot of different traits such as being a good public speaker. 

Work History


Baby Sitting

Kim Bohde

I babysit a little 6 year old boy named Nic.