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Jun 2014May 2015

Retail Salesperson 

Raj Marbles
  • Performed sales and staff management.
  • Managed the ofline marketing of the company.



Pursuing MBA in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune 

B.Tech in Electronics and Communication

Amity school of Engineering and Technology

Obtained the B.Tech degree with 75.30%.


Class !2th

NK Bagrodia Public School

Board: CBSE

Completed HSC exam with 86.20%.


Class 10th

Vishwa Bharati Public School

Board: CBSE

Completed SSC exam with 78.80%.


  • Project : Temperature Detector

This can be used in PCs to control the Fan Speed or it can also be used in Industries for controlling the Temperature of the Furnace. This save the overheads associated with the continuous monitoring job of person to control the Temperature and make the system Automatic thus save time. We have used IC LM35 to sense the temperature. Microcontroller control the overall operation and LCD is used as a display device.

  • Project : RF based Wireless Robot

This is used everywhere for Security Purpose or as a playing Toy for Children. In this project DC motor along with its driver L293D is used and one Transmitter Encoder and one Receiver Decoder circuit is made.

 Role: Layout Designer

 Hardware and Software Specification

In this project, PCB is used which is implemented on Copper Clad Sheet

Microcontroller used              : AT89C51

Power Supply Used                : 12V DC variable Supply (General Purpose PCB)

Software used                           :  Eagle 6.2.0, Keil UVision, Proteus


  • Project: RFID based Library Management System

This is used to uniquely identify each and every person in Library by new technology RFID card. We have used the 8051 uC and PC for storing the details of every books and students.


  • Playing Badminton
  • Teaching Mathematics
  • Solving Puzzles


I certify that the particulars given above are correct and complete to the best of my knowledge and believe that nothing has been concealed by me.



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