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Work experience

Customer Services Representative

Olivo Restaurant
Wait Staff At Olivo I am part of the wait staff team where our job is to attend to customers every need from greeting, to taking orders, bringing out food and beverages, bar and coffee service and helping with any of their needs along the way. This job requires a positive attitude, a good memory, great people skills and most of all excellent customer service techniques. I show practice all of these qualities excellently in the application of myself to my job. Resolved internal conflict between waiters which in turn created a better atmosphere in the workforce Managed the cash register for 4 months when the cashier decided to take a leave of absence Reduced operating cost by 15% by going through the inventory list and eliminated redundant items from the shopping list Praised for my abilities of multitasking during the peak hours of business Got scored“ exceed expectations” and“ exemplary” from customer service feedback forms

Accounting Technician

BDJ Partners
Accounting Technician At BDJ partners I worked as an accounting technician where i had to carry out a range of tasks such as book-keeping, monitoring financial transactions, generating invoices and creating budgets. Although many of this task's were completed with the assistance of chartered accountants over time I felt through repetition I had mastered the basics of accounting. Presented with rising star honour after 3 months since joining the firm Received a substantial pay rise after receiving diploma of accounting


Singh's Indian Cuisine
Chef At Singh's cuisine I worked in a restaurant where I had to prepare Indian dishes in a fast paced environment. I believe cooking is an art that not everyone can achieve and it requires more than just following a recipe. My duties at Singh's didn't just end at cooking I was also responsible for the presentation of the food and finding a balance between quantity and quality. Raised customer interest by introducing a new dish to the menu each week Followed procedure and sanitized in a safe and proper manner after use Excelled in cooking menu items such as Punjab Butter chicken, Bhaji, Biryani and other whole range of dishes Developed a strong customer loyalty between health conscious customers by incorporating a gluten free based foods into our recipe During peak hour's it can become“ heated' between Kitchen staff and it was up to me to resolve many of this conflicts

Furniture Salesman

Pacific Green
Furniture Salesman At Pacific Green I worked as a furniture Salesman at Castle Hill Home-hub Hills. In this job I had to provide customer service to potential buyers and handle cash or electronic payments. I was also in charge of running the entire store which involved me handling cleaning duties, store decorations and assigning delivery dates for furniture to delivered to customers. Increased sales during my first month by 200% by implenting aggresive sale's tactics Worked with KPI and met those sale's targets always Awarded Employee of the Year Achieved $20 000 sales in a week


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