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I support animal rescue efforts


I love to travel throughout the United States and Western Africa specifically Ghana. I run and work out and be active in my church. I continue to dedicate my time working with children and families to help prevent crime and build good family relationships. I love the outdoors, sports, animals, reading, dance, and baking. I started my yoga practice, I'm learning to play golf and English style horseback riding.


Ama Dwimoh served for many years as a leading criminal prosecutor against child abusers in Brooklyn, New York. Over the course of her career, she developed a great deal of expertise in this field, bringing passion and determination to the courtroom. Ama Dwimoh’s efforts met with significant success in the cases of a number of high-profile trials. Additionally, her advocacy resulted in the founding of several programs designed to increase awareness of child predators in society and create safer environments for the next generation. Her work provided the impetus for reform in the Administration for Child Services (ACS) in New York City.Ama Dwimoh founded and led the Crimes Against Children Bureau at the Kings County District Attorney’s Office. In the fulfillment of her duties, she oversaw prosecutions, made grand jury presentations, aided plea agreement negotiations, prepared and interviewed victims before trials, and conducted legal research. Stephanie-Ama Dwimoh also managed the day-to-day operations of the bureau.Due to her wide range of experience, Ama Dwimoh is considered a thought leader in the field of child abuse prevention and investigation. She is often called upon to give presentations or advice on the subject. Her people skills have also led her to excel at public relations and community affairs, an ability that has enabled her to help educate neighborhoods about proactive steps to improve child safety. Some of the professional organizations that Ama Dwimoh has been affiliated with include the ACS Coordinating Committee on Children, the NAACP, the Mayor’s Criminal Justice Task Force on Child Abuse, and the Interagency Operating Committee of the Brooklyn Child Advocacy Center. A graduate of Barnard College of Columbia University, Stephanie-Ama Dwimoh furthered her education by earning a Juris Doctor from Georgetown University where she was a member of the American Criminal Law Review and the Institute for Public Representation.

Work experience

Former Executive Assistant District Attorney

City of Brooklyn, New York

Served for Many Years as a Leading Criminal Prosecutor Against Child Abusers in Brooklyn, New York



Barnard College of Columbia University

Juris Doctor

Georgetown University