Kyle Schmierer Filmmaker/Storyteller – from Script to Screen


 I am an exceptionally talented, award winning filmmaker/storyteller.

I am adept in many different genres and styles:  including music videos, commercials, TV shows, documentaries, feature films, corporate videos, or Internet promotion pieces.A vast life experience around the world informs my work and eclectic taste.

I am hard working, able to fully create, implement, and direct my own unique vision with stories I create or the materials of others while truly collaborating with the actors and all the many other artists required to produce a great film.

I am a producer-writer-director, cinematographer and Avid editor who request a few minutes of your time to review my work and meet so we may determine if we are a good match.  

As well as working in L.A. and around the world, I was also Film and HD instructor at post secondary proprietary arts Colleges in Arizona & North Carolina.

I have finished two documentary format programs on the Philippines, which I directed, shot and edited for an internationally broadcast television show, "Word in the World." This show had more than 4 million estimated viewers in the United States alone.

Previously when I lived in Hollywood, I directed, shot, and redesigned this series as well as creating a new show opening.  

I have also recently completed writing, directing, co-producing, shooting and editing the independent feature film, "In the Dark of Night" filmed in Wyoming, which is currently in post-production.For three years I had been in the wilds of Wyoming.I came up from LA for the solitude to write feature scripts.  

Earlier I lived and worked in Hollywood for over six years, and before that I went to film school at New York University.  

I have a breadth and depth of filmmaking skills with a unique vision that will make any film project successful.  I have worked as a director, cinematographer, editor, and on the several crew positions for various projects.Each position has helped me become a better filmmaker.  This cross training also enables me to communicate my vision more effectively to the many departments and professionals required in filmmaking.  

Thank you for your time.My demo reel is 8 minutes long with several selections of my work.

My demo reel, resume, additional film segments and artwork can be accessed on the web at:http://www.Amadin.biz   I directed, shot and edited everything on the reel. Most of it I also wrote and produced as well.You can request a DVD copy of my reel.I have won several prestigious Telly Awards for my work. * The Telly Awards are like regional Emmy's that are judged by industry professionals to recognize outstanding work.     

Sincerely, Kyle Schmierer    E-mail:[email protected]    PH:602-218-5057

      Kyle Schmierer Writer-Producer-Director- DP-Avid Editor Amadin Movie/TV Productions

Kyle is now development with a 1hour dramatic TV series, “The ATMA Study,” & two feature film projects he wrote and will direct: "The Most Dangerous Game" & "Radicals." Kyle just won a Silver and Bronze Telly Award for outstanding work.

EXPERIENCE: (partial listing)

Smokey Mountain -2 documentary specials on Smokey MT., Philippines Duties: Director, Cinematographer, and Editor Production Company: Wordnet Productions - over 4 million viewers    

In The Dark of Night - Independent feature film currently in post-production Duties:  writer, co-producer, director, cinematographer, AVID editor

Word in the World - 25 years old national cable T.V. show (over 1 year) with over 4 million viewers -- on TBN and Odyssey network (110 million subscribers) Duties: Director and Cinematographer (hired to redesign/revamp the show) Production Company: Wordnet Productions

RiskTakers - Television pilot (optioned to Discovery) Duties:  Co-Producer, Co-Director, Co-Editor, and Primary Cameraman Production Company: Alternative Pictures and Alternative Rentals Face of an Angel - Independent feature (Intl. home video distribution) Duties: Co-Producer, Director, Cinematographer, and Editor Production Company: Amadin Corporation


Northland Liberal Arts/ Environmental College - Magna Cum Laude

New York University/ S.C.E. Intensive Filmmaking Program - A

Montana Edit's Masters Program - a comprehensive training program of certified AVID courses including Color Correction and Symphony Nitris HD

Kyle has practiced a number of technical crafts in the Hollywood film industry. Departments he has freelanced in include camera, sound, set lighting, grip, and production.  He has worked as Gaffer, Key Grip, D.P., and editor on various film and video productions.  Kyle purposely worked in a variety of capacities in the film business to provide an excellent understanding of the entire filmmaking process creatively, technically and financially.

Kyle Schmierer - CINEMATOGRAPHER www.Amadin.biz   E-mail: [email protected]

PRODUCTION EXPERIENCE (partial listing): COMPANY        POSITION PROJECT CAMERA Amadin                       D.P     various corporate/commercial projects Wordnet Inc. D.PSmokey MT. – Philippines documentaries Alternative PicturesD.P.                In The Dark Of Night - Feature Alternative Pictures D.P. RiskTakers - T.V. Pilot Amadin Corp. D.P.Face of an Angel - Feature OCTV Prods D.P.OCTV- Sports TV Show Wordnet Inc. D.P(1 year)Word in the World -Natl. Cable Series John EdwardsCameraJohn Edwards show - WE TV  Magic of Alexander CameraPromotional Video Good Shepherd Center CameraPromotional Video Baker Entertainment Group Camera Promotion- Home Shopping Network Granada Ent.Video ACRoom Raiders - MTV series Higher Light Films 1st AC Giving Up the Ghost - Feature Hill Productions AC That Used To Be Me - Short Siam Productions 2ndAC Whole New World - Commercial ELECTRIC Johns + Gorman Films Gaffer ESPN2-  Natl. Commercial Mattel Inc. Gaffer/Grip Corporate video Cypher Prods. Electrician Double Tap - H.B.O. Feature Goode Pictures Electrician Grand Avenue - H.B.O. Feature Sony Studios (lot) Electrician Set Lighting Dept. - Prep. Foxlab/STF Prod Electrician America's Most Wanted - Fox TV Only Kid Inc. Best BoyKid Cop - Feature DA-COR Pictures Best Boy Giving Up The Ghost - Feature Pop Art Film Factory Best Boy Music Video 3 Ring Circus Electrician Cinemagic - Commercial Lynch Entertainment Electrician Hidden World of Alex Mack - T.V. Spears Productions Gaffer Scream Teen Scream - Short B Smart Productions Electric/Grip Spilt Milk – Feature GRIP Spectrum Communications Key Grip G.M. England - Corporate film Angel Records Key Grip Records Promotion -Video Elan Co. Grip/Gaffer Bosley Medical Institute - Video Aacme Films KeyGrip Happy B-Day Billy Gayle - Short Fahrenheit Films Grip Cheetos- Commercial Tra - Jam Productions Grip Eyes of Love - Music Video N.M.P.C. Productions Grip Show and Tell - P.S.A. Marke Media Dolly Grip Corporate Video    

CAMERA and RELATED PROFICIENCY:   Sony  HDW-F900 24P HDTV camera Arriflex 35III,Arri BL III & IV, and16mm Arri SR2 & 3 Panavision, GII 35mm - loader and 1st AC, seminar in Tarzana Familiar with camera reports, lenses and filters Various professional video cameras Experience with Condor cranes, Porta-Jib, Fisher and Chapman dollies Apprenticed with video production company, use of ENG camera packages

Credits as boom operator, sound mixer, PA and other positions not listed    

Kyle Schmierer – Non Linear EDITOR

www.Amadin.biz E-mail: [email protected]      

PRODUCTION EXPERIENCE (partial listing): COMPANY        POSITION PROJECT   Editor Metropolitan Post                     Editor               various corporate/commercial projects AmadinEditorVegetarian House – Restaurant Promotion DVD/Web AmadinEditorApprentice Profile – Eric Luster Wordnet Inc. EditorSmokey MT.– Philippines, 2 half hr. Natl. Broadcast documentaries Alternative PicturesEditor In The Dark Of Night - Feature Alternative Pictures Editor RiskTakers - T.V. Pilot Amadin Corp. EditorFace of an Angel - Feature OCTV Prods Editor OCTV- Sports TV Show Wordnet Inc. EditorWord in the World -Natl. Cable Series -opening Magic of Alexander EditorPromotional Video Good Shepherd Center Editor Promotional Video    

* Taught editing at two college film programs   * I own an AVID Xpress Pro HD system and I have edited on higher end AVID (Composer Symphony, Adrenaline, Symphony Nitris HD, etc.) and many different types of editing systems - even with film on flat beds (Steenbeck & Moviola)  


Still photography – 12+ yrs PADI scuba certified, boating, climbing, backcountry camping, etc. Working knowledge of Spanish; experience and study in India, Tibet, Nepal, Colombia, Mexico, Europe, Philippines, Thailand, Japan, Canada, Malaysia

I received a BA/BS degree from Northland Liberal Arts/Environmental College.  

Upon graduating Magna Cum Laude with my self-designed and self-directed major in Global Environmental Studies, I formed Amadin, a non-profit media organization.  

I went on to produce and direct multimedia projects for Amadin in India and Tibet, covering all aspects from conception to presentation including research, trip planning, development, writing, photography, location scouting, audio recording, interviews, and post production. I began to recognize the power of the medium of film/TV to help the world in our time of crisis and as a medium of self-expression where my talent, passion and purpose lay.   Then I apprenticed with a video production company to begin my training in videography, production, and editing.  

In the fall of 1994, I completed the internationally acclaimed New York University/S.C.E. Intensive Filmmaking Program.  There I participated in several film projects and directed and shot two short films.

Along with my own reading and study, I have also taken courses on directing and producing from Film/Video Arts of Manhattan and Independent Feature Project West.

Most recently, Montana Edit's Masters Program - a comprehensive training program of certified AVID courses, was successfully completed.   By working within the Hollywood film industry, I have learned hands on while working in a number of technical crafts. Departments I have freelanced in include camera, sound, set lightning, grip, and production.   While continuing to pursue educational and philanthropic agendas, my primary calling is a lifetime commitment, dedication, and passion to continue to learn and develop as a filmmaker.   

REFERENCES: Sandra Garner1620 West Mesa Dr. Rialto, CA 92376909-829-3074[email protected]   Wordnet 532 North D StreetSan Bernardino, CA 92401Phone: (909) 383-4333 Fr. Mike ManningPhone: 909-887-3810E-mail: [email protected]