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Work experience

Mar 2008Present

Research in optimization / miniaturization of mechanical systems

Mechatronics Laboratory - Dynamics Laboratory

This project deals with the optimization of the mechanic project based on a robot manipulator. The objective is to dimension the Actuactors System Shelter again to obtain a new structure that can be installed in a robot manipulator been answerable for the good operation with better efficiency, precision and flexibility of movements.


Mar 2006Present

Higher School incomplete certificate

University of São Paulo

The University of Sao Paulo (USP) is the largest institution dedicated to higher education and research in Brazil. A large part of the Brazilian masters and PhDs receive their training there. The website can tell a little more about their structure, application procedures and the services they offer to students from abroad.


Interests in consulting, automotive, aerospace and technology in general


♦ Scientific Research for RUSP [March 2008/ November 2009].The subject of this Research Project was to miniaturize the Housing´s drive system on Kanguera Robotic Grip.

♦ Integrant of the organizing committee of the Fourth Mechanical Engineering Week, a workshop thattook place in Sao Carlos, between 13th and 17th October 2008.

♦ Studies in Automotive Engineering [August 2009 to present].


Studies carried out in the vast area of Mechanical Engineering, where I got a strong background in Automotive Engineering, which provided integrated approach (economic, technical and operational) of the subset.


♦ Internship program.

♦ Develop new technologies and change parameters in the mechanical engineering world.


Product development
Department of Production Engineering, EESC-USP.
MATLAB Minicourse offered by Opencadd( representation of MathWorks products in Brazil.
Microsoft Office
Word, Excel and Powerpoint experience.
Pascal Programming
C Programming
Department of Aeronautical Engineering, EESC-USP.
Solid Works
Solid Edge