Work experience

Work experience
Mar 2008 - Present

Research in optimization / miniaturization of mechanical systems

Mechatronics Laboratory - Dynamics Laboratory

This project deals with the optimization of the mechanic project based on a robot manipulator. The objective is to dimension the Actuactors System Shelter again to obtain a new structure that can be installed in a robot manipulator been answerable for the good operation with better efficiency, precision and flexibility of movements.


Mar 2006 - Present

Higher School incomplete certificate

University of São Paulo

The University of Sao Paulo (USP) is the largest institution dedicated to higher education and research in Brazil. A large part of the Brazilian masters and PhDs receive their training there. The website can tell a little more about their structure, application procedures and the services they offer to students from abroad.


Interests in consulting, automotive, aerospace and technology in general


♦ Scientific Research for RUSP [March 2008/ November 2009].The subject of this Research Project was to miniaturize the Housing´s drive system on Kanguera Robotic Grip.

♦ Integrant of the organizing committee of the Fourth Mechanical Engineering Week, a workshop thattook place in Sao Carlos, between 13th and 17th October 2008.

♦ Studies in Automotive Engineering [August 2009 to present].


Studies carried out in the vast area of Mechanical Engineering, where I got a strong background in Automotive Engineering, which provided integrated approach (economic, technical and operational) of the subset.


♦ Internship program.

♦ Develop new technologies and change parameters in the mechanical engineering world.



Product development

Department of Production Engineering, EESC-USP.



MATLAB Minicourse offered by Opencadd( representation of MathWorks products in Brazil.

Microsoft Office

Word, Excel and Powerpoint experience.

Pascal Programming

C Programming


Department of Aeronautical Engineering, EESC-USP.

Solid Works

Solid Edge