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National Honor Society Member

Girl Scout Silver Award (Fall 2007)

National Hispanic Recognition Program Scholar

High Honor Roll (4 years)

National Society of High School Scholar

Gettysburg College Book award (excellence in History)

NHS Role Model recognition (Oct. 2008) 

Principal 2nd Violinist, Greater Bridgeport Youth Orchestra

Junior/Senior Project "Pass with distinction"


I consider myself a responsible and dedicated person. I'm the person you can always depend on. I always follow up promptly, do what's asked of me to the highest quality possible, and I am open and there when you need me, because I'm always on top of things.

I'm also passionate about what I do. I've studied art and violin non-stop for 8 years. I can proudly say I practice violin every night for an hour (at least). I'd like to say I'm pretty good now. Strong in the arts, I'd like to also say I'm creative. In combination with my attention to detail and postive attitude, I make a good worker. I'm like this because I know sucess doesn't come without work. That’s why I’ll spend a month painting individual hairs on an otter or freckles on rocks, just for the effect, or why I’ll spend hours nitpicking and perfecting an essay, or wrestling with Physics. I welcome challenges as an opportunity to grow. 

Lastly, I'm here to help; I like to leave things a little better than I found them. I love to help others, which is why I'm so into opening up new ways of communication--whether through music, art, or language. I continue to expand my communication and language skills because it's important to be able to communicate with as many people as possible in this day and age. Communicating with more people means more shared ideas, and new ideas lead to learning and innovation. And I never plan to stop learning, growing, and adapting.


Christopher Lee

William Carney

He has been my private art teacher for the last 8 years. He would be willing to speak for me. He offers private art lessons at the Artist's Garret in Monroe, CT.

Dr. Michelle Toby

Carol Pelligra


Work experience

Commissed to paint a plate depicting a penguin for Catherine. Spring 2009.

Played Violin for Stratford Community Theater's rendition of South Pacific. Summer 2009.


Aug 2010Present

Ithaca College


Teaching myself Chinese via The First 100 Chinese Characters , Chinese I class at my school, native speakers, and online resources.
American Sign Language
I speak some American Sign Language (ASL) and continue to teach myself and use it around people I know. I also have visited the American School for the Deaf in West Hartford CT, where I applied my knowledge. I taught local children with Autism a song in American Sign Language about the colors, "I Can Sing a Rainbow" for my Junior/Senior Project, where I received the recognition of "Pass with Distinction." 
I've taken 5 years of Spanish through school and also speak with my Puerto Rican father and grandparents.
I have played Violin for 8 years and studied via private lessons for 4 of those years with Wendy Hedin.  I currently study with Natalya Shamis, Ph.D. I have played in local school orchestras since I began years ago and continue to advance in Newtown High School's Honors Symphonic Orchestra as Assistant Concertmaster. Outside of school, I played with the Greater Bridgeport Youth Orchestra (GBYO) for the last 4 years, moving up an orchestra level a year. I currently play in their highest level orchestra, Principal Orchestra, as Principal 2nd Violinist.    I will be playing in the 2009 Western Regionals Festival and am eligible to audition for Connecticut's All States Festival.   I also have basic Piano and Native American Flute skills as I continue to teach myself both instruments. Studying these other instruments helps develop and expand different aspects of my musicality.
I've taken semi-private art lessons with William Carney of the Artist's Garrett, Monroe CT, for 8 years. Also, I have taken art classes through school since a child and participated in the Art Club at Newtown High School for 3 years. I mainly create work outside of school through lessons and on my own for maximum individual creativity in combination with one-on-one instruction. For the 2009-10 school year, I am the Art Editor for the Newtown High School Literary Magazine, an award winning publication showcasing student work. I am also a member of the Newtown artists' group SCAN.
I began composing music on my own 4 years ago. I since have taken Harmony & Composition and AP Music Theory through school. I received the highest score of 5 on the AP Music Theory Exam. I compose music for mainly violin, string quartets, and orchestra since I have first hand experience in these. I also write for many other various instruments, generally acoustic. Newtown High School Chamber Ensemble played my quartet "Forgotten Oath" Spring 2008 and Newtown High School Honors Symphony Orchestra played "Sky Pirates" in its Winter 2009 Concert.    MP3 samples of my pieces are posted to give an idea of my style and work.  I am willing to take commissions.