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Sep 2010Jun 2015

Master's degree in organizational management and administration

Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman
Aug 2015Nov 2015

iOS developer

GOIT school

Work experience

May 2018Current days

iOS developer

Issuu GmbH
Project description

Digital publishing platform for magazines, catalogs etc. 


Key responsibilities

Working on Stories project (a new way of publication's representation), app development and maintenance.

Also I am learning backend platform, have experience  in microservices implementation, designing API.


iOS: Language - Swift. Third-party libraries: RxSwift, IGListKit

Backend: Language - Kotlin.

Feb 2016Feb 2018

iOS developer

Project description File server storage for collaboration. Analog of Google Disc/ Dropbox.
Key responsibilities Building application from scratch; collaboration with cross-functional teams; bug fixing and improving application performance; working with RESTful APIs to connect iOS applications to backend services.
Technologies Language - Swift. Third-party libraries: Alamofire, Moya, RxSwift, ReactiveCocoa, Swinject, ObjectMapper.
Project description Product is intended for use by healthcare personnel to carry out automated and secured data entry from any existing medical device into their EMR system. The system shall improve the process of data collection and efficiency, improve data accuracy and lead to improve patient experiences and outcomes.
Key responsibilities Developing UI respectively Apple Human Interface Guidelines; implementing new application functionalitiesUnit Tests; bug fixing; refactoring;
Technologies Language: Swift (2.3 version) , Third-party libraries: Alamofire. Frameworks: UIKit, Foundation.


Project description Product is intended to use in couple with Bluetooth-based beacon concept, which allows iOS app to receive tiny and static pieces of data within short distances. The app is the binder between the virtual and physical world empowering customers to act more freely, reserve a time with a service provider and understand where to get the fastest service.
Key responsibilities Implementation complex UI/UX solutions; building new app functionalities; bug fixing; refactoring; app distribution.
Technologies Language: Objective-C; Frameworks: MapKit, CoreLocation, AVFoundation; Third-party libraries: PureLayout; JSONModel, AFNetworking, SDWebImage, Mapbox; Beta testing: Fabric.

Soft skills

  • Experience working in an agile environment
  • Able to brainstorm and effectively communicate technology ideas and issues
  • Highly collaborative and able to work cross functionally with different team members
  • Opened to learning new technologies


  • English (upper intermediate)
  • Ukrainian (native)
  • Russian (native)