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Creatively creative.


Sep 2009Jun 2013

Bachelors of Informatics Engineering

University of Pembangunan Nasional "Veteran" Jawa Timur
  • GPA                         : 3.66 of 4.0
  • Thesis                     : Implementing K-means Algorithm to Predict Graduation Time of University Students (Score: A)
    • Not only did I predict the graduation time through a table and a graphic using MATLAB (which showed that the higher student's position in the graphic, the higher chance he will graduate in time), I also compared the validity of how the algorithm works.
  • Developed Skills  : Software Requirements Specification Writing, Mathematics, Rational Rose, MATLAB, SQL, C++, Drupal, Wordpress.
Jul 2006Jul 2009

Senior High School

SMA Negeri 8

As a science student, I did Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology  as well as other compulsory subjects like Indonesian Language, English Language, History, Citizenship Education, Physical and Sports Education

Working Experiences

Mar 2016Present

Content Developer

BeThere (

BeThere is a virtual reality brand developed by Visual Experience.

Mar 2016Present

Content Developer

Visual Experience (

Visual Experience is a KAUST-based startup specialist in Virtual Reality technology.

Jan 2015Feb 2016

Founder is not just an all-about-scholarships website that shares tips on getting a scholarship, we will challenge the workers, the university students and the jobseekers to pursue higher education to make the world as a better place to live in. Our secret message is to remind people to contribute something after graduated, instead of fulfilling their own dreams. will produce every single post with personal touch, taken from the reliable interviewees and/or sources, written in a conversational way, just like telling a story to your best friend to motivate them in pursuing higher education. By now, I do all the parts of by myself, such as:

- Building and maintaining all the parts of the website.

- Interviewing the scholarship awardees.

- Writing all the contents for each category based on reliable sources and keywords.

- Promoting through Facebook, Instagram, Google+.(Soon)

Jan 2016Jun 2016

English Teacher for Liasion Officers

Government of Surabaya City

Since the United Nation Habitat will have an event in Surabaya in 2016, I've been given the trust by the head of Foreign and Local Affairs Divison to teach English for liasion officers, and I turn the class into a simulation of becoming a liasion officer and delegates to find their mistakes in a real condition.

Feb 2015Present

English Teacher (Volunteer)

Rumah Bahasa Surabaya

As the ASEAN Economic Community is happening, I take a part to help Surabaya citizens, mostly young adults and adults, to fluently communicate in English. In my class, I always put the students in a different situation each week, for example, interviewing them for a job/scholarship they imaginatively apply, presenting and competing their business plans, executing their own reality shows, #ChallengeChallenge, presenting their marketing idea to keep a company alive, and once letting them be English tutors for a day.

Developed skills: Public speaking, managing people with diverse background (new people each week, mostly youngsters).

Sep 2015Dec 2015

English Teacher for Officials in Surabaya

Government of Surabaya City

Since the United Nation Habitat will have an event in Surabaya in 2016, I've been given the trust by the head of Foreign and Local Affairs Divison to teach English for several officials (with different English skill) in Surabaya, and I turn the class into an English talk show, which talks about different topics each week, such as forest fire, environment problem in Surabaya or personal issue. Finding and correcting their grammatical error is my main job, but letting them speak without hesitation is my goal.

Feb 2012Jun 2012


The Mosque of University of Pembangunan Nasional "Veteran" Jawa Timur

As the mosque needed a site, I took the opportunity to create a profile website using Drupal. Though it was only "creating a website", I reinforced every detail in it through the lesson I learned in Human-Computer Interaction (A): why I used this font for the site, why this color, why the widget was on the right, et cetera. On top of that, I worked for the site as the client's requirement. Understanding the client's requirement and connecting it with IT terms are another thing I learned from this internship.

Jan 2012Feb 2012

Team Leader of Education Division (Volunteer)

Social Development Program: University of Pembangunan Nasional "Veteran" Jatim

Consisted of four members, I and the team planned some idea to develop education aspect in Menturus Village, Jombang for two weeks, and we executed these activites once we were in the town:

- Computer teaching (the basic of computer and Microsoft Word) for local residents in Menturus Village, Jombang, East Java; mostly adults.

- English, Mathematics, and Science teaching for elementary students at SDN Menturus No. 03, Jombang.

- Opening free English, Mathematics, and Science course for elementary students in Menturus Village, Jombang, East Java.

Language Skills

- Indonesian (Native)

- English (TOEFL iBT: 85 [Reading: 21; Listening: 23; Speaking: 19; Writing: 22], APTIS by British Council: 179/200)


Nov 2016

Arabian Venture Forum (

Apr 2016

ITS Perkapalan Fakultas

Bahasa inggris toefl
Oct 2015

Literature Festival at Brawijaya University in Malang, East Java


Lecturing  dozens of university students and public about how to write a book.

Dec 2013

Authors and Readers Meeting: Book Battle; Local Setting VS International Setting in Jakarta

May 2012

National Seminars: Android for Live in Surabaya, East Java


Published Books

  • Dilema; Tiga Cerita untuk Satu Rasa, published by Bukune, Indonesia, 2012
    • A debut teen romance novel that reaches more than 10,000 readers in Indonesia.
  • Swiss; Little Snow in Zurich, published by Bukune, Indonesia, 2013
    • Gagas Media and Bukune, two major publishers in Indonesia, involved me in "Setiap Tempat Punya Cerita" series, which later became a hit in the book industry.
  • I Love You; I Just Can't Tell You, published by GagasMedia, Indonesia, 2015
    • Collected as Gagas Media's L.O.V.E Cycle series, I redefined the meaning of first love: a mother.


"I have been a thesis adviser for twenty years, and I could say that Alvi Syahrin is the best among all the students that I have advised so far. He is the most exertive and diligent student that I have met. I could see how serious and earnest he was in doing his project. We were involved in several discussions and he always had strong idea and arguments for his decisions, however, he kept being polite in expressing his thoughts."

- Dr. Ir. Ni Ketut Sari, MT, Vice Dean I of Faculty of Industry Technology, University of Pembangunan Nasional "Veteran" Surabaya, Indonesia (Alvi' Thesis Adviser)

"Alvi has always taken his role seriously and passionate about his result."

- Barry Nuqoba, S.Si, M.Kom, Lecturer of Universitas Airlangga Surabaya (Alvi's Thesis Adviser)

"Though I have only met Alvi in a short period of time, I am delighted to find that he is a young man with a high integrity and motivation in learning. In many years of English teaching, not often I did come across someone with such a big passion and eagerness in mastering a language. He is a dedicated student and his determination in learning has been exemplary. He always displays great initiative and assidious quality. Moreover, I am always very appreciative of his pleasant and down-to-Earth nature."

- Melisa Tedjakusuma, S.Sn, M.Des, 2014 (Alvi's Tutor at Embassy English Centre for iBT TOEFL Preparation)

"Alvi is a very attentive and curious student. He truly wants to improve his ability, and he proves that he can develop his English proficiency. He is a fun student, and he is interested in any experience I have. I am so glad that I can be a part of his learning experience, and I hope he will reach the goals he is planning to get."

- Yuliana Octavia, S.IP, MBA, 2014 (Alvi's Tutor at Embassy English Centre for iBT TOEFL Preparation)

"Since his debut novel, Alvi is one of the best young authors in our publisher. During his time in our publisher, Alvi has shown good writing and interpersonal skill. He inspires readers through his novel. The readers like the way he delivers the story because he is keen on expressing the idea through words. He also provides himself with broader knowledge by keeping updaed on various information and improving his ability by learning something new."

- Widyawati Oktavia, Managing Editor of Gagas Media

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