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>Alvin Merrifield has established himself as a business leader in the field of informational technology and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). A veteran in the field with over 15 years of experience, Merrifield has long acted as an innovator in the industry. Among his achievements, he introduced the first VoIP cellular technology with 3G network video capabilities. Alvin Merrifield’s presence in the market is notable: He even holds claim to shaping its vocabulary as the first to describe the place of new technologies as the “mobile computing lifestyle.” This foreknowledge of the pervasiveness of mobile computing can be attributed to his experience in countries such as China, Italy, and Canada, in addition to the United States. Additionally, Alvin Merrifield has participated in the social networking revolution as the architect of iYapaway. Since 2008, Alvin Merrifield has concentrated his professional energies on 3-Fi Limited, a fast-growing global network service provider. Merrifield’s 3-Fi Limited outstrips legacy networks by combining the capabilities of mobile devices and fixed platforms. The experience he offers as the leader of this company has its roots in his prior work experience, including the position of Chief Executive Officer for the online trading platform company Boon Tree, Inc. This position built upon Merrifield’s formal education in information technology at SCS Business and Technical Institute. In recognition of his achievements, the Atlanta Business Journal honored Alvin Merrifield with a 2011 Georgia Minority Business Award.

Work experience

Director of Business @ 3 Fi Limited


S.C.S BUSINESS AND TECH INST. - BA in Computer Science