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  • SAP
  • CI
  • Experience directing Production, Quality, Safety and Cost Control for large production area.
  • Proven ability to design and enhance processes in support of continuous improvement programs.
  • Deployed spot audits and root-cause analysis including remedial actions.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, recognized for seamlessly working with customer teams to identify and resolve quality and process issues.
  • Inventory management, safety, quality improvement, operations, scheduling and preventative maintenance.
  • Managed raw materials inventory by coordinating with vendors.
  • Demonstrated track record in training, mentoring and motivating teams
  • Documented work procedures and processes 

Work experience


Production Manager

  • KPI Reports 
  • Attend product taste panels and review customer complaints with the production team
  • Make quality products ensuring they meet our high-end standards
  • Train and supervise production team
  • Lead by example, act as a role model for the team
  • Create weekly schedule to ensure adequate staffing and production levels
  • Maintain appropriate levels of inventory for raw and finished product
  • Prepare and handle all incoming and outgoing shipments of raw materials and finished goods
  • Ensure working areas are maintained cleaned and work environment meets ServSafe regulations
  • Supervise clients and sell products at special events and directly to store owners.
  • Maintain fluid communication with case managers and client services personnel in order to support women participants of the program

Dec 20102017

Production Manger (contractor)

PineApple Solution Staffing

Preside over the production of goods.

  • KPI reports
  • Analyze and reduce costs.
  • Order appropriate materials.
  • Ensure products are created on time.
  • Test machines for disrepair and malfunctions.
  • Set and meet production goals.
  • Purchase and calibrate machines.
  • Hire, train, and supervise workers.
  • Change production levels and staffing on different product lines to minimize inventory levels.
  • Monitor product standards.
  • Implement and oversee quality control programs.
  • Implement training programs.
  • Work with outside suppliers to increase quality of raw materials.
  • Coordinate with different departments in the manufacturing plant.
  • Develop production schedules and duty assignments.
  • Ensure compliance with workplace safety programs.
  • Cross-train worker teams for maximum production flexibility.

Jan 2005Dec 2010

Production Manager

  • KPI Reports 
  • overseeing the production process, drawing up a production schedule;
  • ensuring that the production is cost effective;
  • making sure that products are produced on time and are of good quality;
  • working out the human and material resources needed
  • estimating costs and setting the quality standards;
  • monitoring the production processes and adjusting schedules as needed
  • monitoring product standards and implementing quality-control programmes;
  • ensuring that health and safety guidelines are followed;
  • supervising and motivating a team of workers;
  • reviewing worker performance;


Compounder . (2nd job)

Bayshore Vinyl
  • Operate various processing equipment designed to break up, grind, mix, transport, or otherwise prepare ingredients for final processing.
  • Prepare, identify and transport samples of materials to QC personnel for testing.
  • Ensure proper blending of ingredients by verifying that pre-weigh and all necessary ingredients are present according to the production schedule; adds all ingredients to mixer in the correct order and method as described in production instructions, or as directed by the Supervisor.
  • Communicate immediately to Operators, Supervisors, or any member of management all circumstances which may affect quality or are considered questionable and unsafe.
  • Prepare, identify and transport samples of materials to QC personnel for testing.
  • Operate various processing equipment designed to break up, grind, mix, transport, or otherwise prepare ingredients for final processing.



University of Phoenix


Mercer  College






Forlift license


Microsoft Office Power Point
Microsoft office Excel
Microsoft office word
Speak Spanish
operate different types of forklifts and attachments.

Key Accomplishments

  • Delivered Training to over 80 staff
  • Improved Up-time to 90% 
  • Ran Operation consistently At 100% Efficiency
  • Increased Quality by 30%
  • Author Operating procedures