Work experience

Work experience
Jan 2010 - Present

Teacher Trainer

Maristas Compostela - Spain
  • Application of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) in the classroom.

  • Multiple Intelligences.

  • Cooperative learning.

  • Thinking-based learning (Mind maps, thinking routines, thinking skills...).

  • Active learning (challenge-based learning, case method, problem-based learning, project-based learning, intelligent projects...)

  • Service-Learning.

  • Evaluation (rubrics, portfolio, metacognition, reflective learning diary, basic skills).

  • Design Thinking.

  • Flipped Clasroom.

Sep 2009 - Present

Secondary Education Teacher

Colegio Maristas - Segovia - Spain
  • Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, IT and Tecnology teacher (Middle and High School).
  • Advisor in "4º de Secundaria" (K10).
  • Chairman/Director of the Scientific and Mathematical Department.
Sep 2002 - Aug 2014

Children's Activities Monitor/Coordinator 

NGO voluntary 
  • Programming, coordination, preparation, implementation and evaluation of educational activities with young people every Saturday.  
  • Summer camps with abandon or at social risk minors.


May 2014 - May 2014

Workshop "Thinking to Learn" 

NCTT (The National Center of Teaching Thinking), Madrid (Spain)
Nov 2014 - Dec 2014

PISA and TIMSS questions: a classroom practice 

educaLAB (INTEF) - Spain
Mar 2014 - May 2014

Project-Based Learning (MOOC) 

educaLab (INTEF) - (Spain) 
Jan 2014 - Mar 2014

Personal Learning Enviroments (PLE) for teacher professional development (MOOC) 

educaLab (INTEF) - (Spain) 
Sep 2008 - Dec 2009

Children's Activities Coordinator 

Escuela Champagnat de Formación en la Animación y Tiempo Libre. Junta de Castilla y León, Valladolid (Spain)
Oct 2008 - Sep 2009

Children's Activities Monitor (Specialist in youth with special educational needs)

Escuela Champagnat de Formación en la Animación y Tiempo Libre. Junta de Castilla y León, Valladolid (Spain)
Mar 2009 - Jun 2009

Teaching certificate (Training Teacher PGCE Course)

Universidad Camilo José Cela, Madrid (Spain) 
Sep 2002 - Feb 2009

Licenciado en Física (Bachelor of Science. Mayor: Physics)

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
Jan 2002 - Dec 2003

Children's Activities Monitor

Escuela Champagnat de Formación en la Animación y Tiempo Libre. Junta de Castilla y León, Valladolid (Spain) 



Computer skills 

  • I understand how meaning is produced through the media and how culture is made through Internet and Social Networks , and I am taking the appropriate codes to interpret information and to communicate in digital contexts.
  • I know and actively participate in several virtual communities.
  • I know and usually use tools to filter, store and classify information of my interest.
  • I usually use different tools for digital content creation selecting the best in each case.
  • I regularly share resources and content that I think may be useful for my community, selecting the most appropriate tools in each case.
  • I take in to account the legal and ethical principles in the use, publication and dissemination of information and digital content, and I am aware of the limits of security and privacy on the Internet, managing them effectively.
  • I am present on the network through different profiles, I generate my personal brand through my active participation in various digital contexts.
  • I use different tools and web services to work collaboratively with others.
  • I use technology everyday to improve the quality of my work, selecting different ways to express myself creatively.
  • I explore emerging technologies actively and constantly, integrating them in my environment and using them for learning throughout life.

Organisational / managerial skills 

  • Planning and coordination skills.
  • Team workskills.

Communication skills 

  • Active listening skills and empathy.
  • Willingness and flexibility to changes.

Other skills 

  • Professional  concern and spirit of continuous improvement.
  • Responsible, operative, involved.
  • Innovative and creative.