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Personal Recommendations

“As a sales trainer for Lilly, I experienced first hand the passion and commitment Gus exhibited in everything he was involved in. He always gave 100% in and outside the class room. He related quickly to his students and got them prepared to meet the needs of their customers as pharmaceutical sales representatives. He demonstrated excellent disease and product knowledge and constantly sought ways to improve processes in our program.” December 7, 2009,

Craig Nelson , Sales Trainer, Diabetes , Lilly USA managed Agustin indirectly at ELI LILLY & COMPANY

“I got to know Gus when he was a sales rep launching Cialis. As a manager Gus was someone that I could utilize as a mentor for my team. He had a meteoric rise to Sales Training where he excelled at that role as well. Gus trained some of my new reps and coming out of school they are well prepared. I would recommend Gus as a trainer or manager of any sales organization. Rick Fanelli 813 781-9597” December 3, 2009 Rick Fanelli , District Manager , Eli Lilly managed Agustin indirectly at ELI LILLY & COMPANY

“Augustin consistently demonstrated strong sales and closing skills during the time we worked for different divisions of Ingersoll Rand, Latin America. His professional demeanor and excellent communication skills in English and Spanish further complimented his international sales background. I would not hesitate to recommend him to any potential employer seeking to improve their sales team.” December 4, 2009

CARLOS T. GUZMAN , Regional Manager - Latin America & Caribbean , Club Car Inc. - Division of Ingersoll Rand worked with Agustin at Ingersoll-Rand


Boy Scouts of America-Den Leader Pack 110

SCI-Safari Club International-Club Member 2003

ADA-American Diabetes Association

Asphalt Contractor Publication

St. Louis De Monfort Catholic Church



Domestic & International Sales

Account Executive Expertise

Executive Overview:  Executive leader providing consistent performance, excellence in generation of sustainable sales increases based on the ability to identify opportunities, capture market presence, implement strategic sales and direct business development plans.  Proficient in assessing domestic and international market trends, business operations, including manufacturing and distribution, as well as channel operations to gain immediate understanding of needs.  Extensive experience working with domestic and international partners and customers in a new business development, and securing successful new product launches.

Skills Synopsis:  All aspects of new product development including market needs based identification, business case analysis, partner acquisition and new product introduction activities.  Highly adept at demonstrating the ability to identify, select, and negotiate with both domestic and international business partnerships and alliances.  Develop and negotiate business agreements and contracts to produce positive outcomes and results.  History to drive critical business initiatives and successfully analyze business ventures and close high-volume deals.

Qualifications Summary:  Highly proficient at managing through corporate change, economic unpredictability and competitive markets.  Industry expertise includes capital equipment, hands on trouble shooting, government sales, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, finance, and software.  Skilled in construction equipment sales; including but not limited to asphalt pavers, asphalt compactors, soil compactors, milling machines, material handlers, tele-handlers, generators, hydraulic hammers, light towers, track loaders, and attachment and tools. Excellent domestic and international market development while impacting and maintaining key markets and partnerships.  Comprehends driver's essential to accomplish global business success.


§  Domestic/International Sales                                         

§  New Business Development

§  Cross-Cultural Management

§  Start-up Operations

§  Client Management

§  International Customer Relations                                   

§  P&L Management

§  Strategic Partners / Alliance

§  Multilingual Presentations

§  Product Launch & Development

§  New Market Identification                               

§  Territory Development

§  Global Expansion / Sales

§  Major Account Management

§  Public / Media Relations

§  Domestic Customer Relations                                         

§  International Customer Relations

§  P&L Management

§  Strategic Partners / Alliance

§  Product Launch & Development

§  New Market Identification                               

§  Territory Development

§  Global Expansion / Sales

§  Major Account Management

§  Multilingual Presentations

Work experience

Sales Engineer U.S. Great Lakes Region

Terex Roadbuilding
  • Develop and maintain a complete understanding of Terex Roadbuilding products to include pricing, specs, and feature/benefit analysis.
  • Responsible for generating quotes for dealers/customers while assisting the sales coordinators.
  • Maintain accurate pricing and specifications in a format that is available to the sales team and Sales Director.
  • Liaison between engineering, manufacturing and sales team for custom quotes, when clear pricing information is not available.
  • Provide support and knowledge to dealer’s sales representatives on Terex Roadbuilding products.
  • Participate with information gathering, costing, and descriptions of the related product group, reviewing and preparing of product literature, technical documentation, and maintain competitive pricing information.
  • Communicate business scope to dealers/customers and general audience.
  • Provide support to the Sales Director for improving the distribution network and assigning new dealers and terminating non performing dealers.
  • Assist in developing optimum production schedules, model and options mixes to meet forecast sales objectives.
  • Perform other related duties as directed that correspond to the overall function of this position.
  • Dec 2008Feb 2010

    Director of Business Development

    Balance of Nature
    Director of Business Development:  Sales and Marketing Position Overview (Reporting to Owner and C.E.O):  Charged for the overall business development for theentire whole food system in the U.S. and international markets.  Full responsibility of the products development, implementation and marketing especially in both the Domestic and International markets.  Develop both local and national accounts while providing expertise in direct physician marketing and sales.Create a sales force to drive sales and market presence of the Balance of Nature whole food system. §  Fully Developed market strategy to implement and create brand awareness in both the Domestic and International marketsPresent the whole health systems to all different types of physicians and therapeuticclasses as well as B2B in the healthcare industry. §  Effectively trained all staff members, physicians, and B2B owners on the Features and Benefits and how the whole health system will improve the lives of individuals with life threatening diseases. §  Continuously maintained business partnerships and relationships up to date with any changes and advancements with the company's objectives and goals.
    Feb 2008Mar 2009

    Business Development Manager; Sales & Marketing

    Vesta Pharmaceuticals

    Business Development Manager; Sales & Marketing

    Position Overview (Reporting to Owner and C.E.O):  Charged for the overall business development for bothdietary supplement contract manufacturing as well as pharmaceutical contract manufacturing in the U.S. andinternational markets.  Develop both local and national accounts while providing expertise in full servicecontract manufacturer of herbal, vitamin, mineral, and dietary supplements, as well as pharmaceuticals.  Maintain continual two-way communication with all of our customers--both large and small, from distributor,to retailer, to end user.  Attain an international position in this dynamic marketplace, by delivering the highest quality standards in manufacturing, services, and products. §  Proactively participated in the industry related trade shows (NPA, MAHO, NPEW, Supplier Diversity, ISDBC) while interacting with retailers, manufactures, functional ingredient suppliers and other industry professionals, in the country's largest natural, organic, and health product trade shows. §  Effectively developed a new line of dietary supplements to complement the current portfolio of Vesta Brand finished products. §  Continuously maintained effective communication and business contracts with current customers such as Eli Lilly, Mead Johnson, NextRx, WellPoint, Wal-Mart, P&G, VA, and industry National Brand distributors.
    Jul 2003Oct 2007

    Sales Trainer Leadership & Development Associate

    Sales Trainer Leadership & Development AssociateSenior Sales ExecutivePharmaceutical Representative Position Overview (Reporting to Director of Leadership & Development):  Charged for overall training of theentire U.S. affiliate sales force for the Diabetic Business Unit to drive overall sales and business development results; provide strategic and operational direction towards disease state and therapeutic management,pertaining to corporate standards, guidelines, and procedures.  Maintain exceptional understanding of key products / features including knowledge of competitors.  Develop individuals, identify, recruit and train newrepresentatives, sustain brand liaison relationships and corporate agreements with partnering alliances. As Sales Trainer Leadership & Development Associate, responsible in training new, seasoned, and transferring representatives towards the entire diabetes therapeutic class of established products, new product entrants, and new product launches into the marketplace.  Engage in training towards the entiremarketplace, specializing on business acumen, competitors in the marketplace, and situational leadership and industry related workshops. §  Successfully trained the 150 Eli Lilly Mexican affiliate sales forces for the preparation for the new product launch of Byetta in their marketplace by focusing on international business and tactical market analysis, and competitive product launch and development.  §  Effectively trained 380 NovaQuest partners to promote the Humalog Brands, to successfully assist in battling to regain the market presence and market share of the Lilly's brands of insulin in the U.S. marketplace.NovaQuest representatives indicated that the training was among the best they had ever received. §  Represented both the Byetta and the Cymbalta Brand Teams, as their brand liaison in assisting and defining customer centric selling models and key marketing initiatives and six sigma projects, along with the National Sales and Alliance Management Directors, and the VP of the Diabetes Business Unit and the BrandLeaders. §  Orchestrated Simulation Interaction Center for representatives going through initial identification school, providing representatives the full office based selling experience and customer interaction understanding priorto their first day-in-the-field. §  Played integral role in the overall completion of the Virtual Preceptor ship for the entire U.S. DiabetesBusiness Unit with the collaboration of an outside vendor, providing the executive representatives the possibility of understanding the customer's mindset, therapeutic selection, and disease state management for patient specific life threatening cases. §  Proactively served as the L.A.C.M.A.S.S contact (Latin America Countries of Middle and Small Sizes) by being the pivotal individual from sales training that would serve as the channel of communication in assistingother representatives from other countries that would attend the U.S. based affiliate sales training program. Profitability & Sales Results §  Fueled sales by turning around total territory, by promoting total product portfolio towards the #2 rank nationally out of a total 512 positions in an impactful and impressive manner. §  Achieved Top 2% sales ranking by developing key customer and thought leaders and by successfully re-establishing the current products within the marketplace. §  Materialized the Top 5% sales ranking by leading the Miami District in total portfolio sales, resulting in the #1 portfolio performance in the South East Area, as well as the #1 Cialis product sensations in the area. §  Pioneered and Reinstated the company's product positioningin a specific industry sector by initiating a pilot program with Evista and Forteo to selectively focus on a group of specialized customers. §  Increased customer value and sales growth by identifying key though leaders and negotiating with specific institutions in providing qualitative service and continuous customer retention. §  Contributed towards Humalog Sales by 12% resulting in a $358M gain for the company and helped increased Byetta sales by 54% improving total revenue. Leadership Highlights §  Received Representative Peer Award in two consecutive years by collaborating with 14 individuals by assisting them with their specific market opportunities, by delivering effective selling and leadership skills, and by fostering collaboration with other alliances and sales forces. §  Achieved Top 5% National Sales Award by leading and being the integral part of the successful Cialis product launch in the Miami West District in the South East region. §  Realized the Eli Lilly U.S. Grant Award, by continuously displaying the corporate values and ideals and by providing "Answers That Matter." §  Nominated for the President's Council Award by achieving annual and consistent sales results and by displaying unremitting values and actions towards the people, the customers, and the organization.
    Mar 1998Feb 2003

    Latin America Regional Sales Manager

    Domestic and International Sales Manager

    Latin America Distributor Representative

    Sales Application Engineer Latin American Operations

    Position Overview (Reporting to VP of Latin American Sales Division):  Charged for overall sales for the Road Development, Portable Power, Blaw-Knox, ABG, and Montabert products for the Infrastructure Sector. Additionally, charged for the direct dealer and account based representation in Central America, North AmericaSouth America, and the Caribbean basin area.) As a Domestic and International Sales Manager responsible in developing new dealer contracts, while maintaining existing contracts current on an annual basis.  Maintain a total portfolio of sales in the amountof $13.5M with complete machines, parts, and accessories.  Built client relationships and continuouslyidentify new business opportunities within existing customer base.  Perform business system review, detailedrequirements and develop proposals for evaluation of clients' distribution and representation for product lines. Provide seminars and hands on training to all domestic and international dealers specific to asphalt, pavingand compaction, lighting and generation, and material handling and demolition.  Maintain contact in all areasof responsibility involving major projects, governmental bids, hands on training, trouble shooting, and aftermarket sales for all product lines.  Develop and successfully launch rental fleet organizations in top performing areas to further expand avenues and channels of revenue.  Key Achievements  §  Established Industry Expertise by participating in an ongoing 18 month training in working alongside all the manufacturing plants in both the domestic as well as in the international arenas, by learning, understanding the fabrication, manufacturing, trouble shooting, financial, logistics, implementation, and customer satisfaction of the entire Infrastructure sector of products. (Areas included Georgia, Illinois, North Carolina, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, France, Germany) §  Achieved 100% successful outcome with Costa Rica, El Salvador's, and Guatemala's public works sector with the introduction and representation of the ABG and Blaw-Knox line of asphalt and RCC pavers. §  Impacted the Road Development Division by re-focusing and re-directing the market behavior for the entire ABG, Blaw-Knox and IR Compaction and Paving portfolio, while becoming the #1 sales individual recognized in Latin America. §  Gained Domestic and International visibility and credibility by partnering with Daniel Kaplan Associates in developing extensive rental fleet operations, by providing sound economic market research and exploiting theeconomic benefits which would impact over 15 companies on a global scale. §  Streamlined rental fleet operations accounting for over $8M in sales. Targeting the entire Infrastructure sectors products, including other product lines like BobCat and Club Car© in Peru, Barbados, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Trinidad, Guiana, Honduras, and El Salvador.  §  Built sales organization, and realizing strategic plan that generated $3M in complete machinery sales in Jamaica, Grand Cayman, and Barbados. §  Actively served as the voice of the customer in all trade shows, industry related events, and symposiums on both a domestic and global scale. §  Represented both the Construction and Mining Teams, as their brand liaison in assisting and defining customer centric selling models and key marketing initiatives, along with the National Sales and Alliance Management Directors, and the VP of Sales and Marketing and the Brand Leaders. §  Orchestrated Simulation and Hands on Interaction Center for dealer representatives going through initial training certification, providing field sales representatives the full experience and customer interaction understanding prior to their first day-in-the-field. §  Played integral role in the overall completion of the Virtual Preceptor ship for the entire Construction and Mining Business Unit, proving the Executive Representative the possibility of understanding their customer's mindset, product selection, product fleet management, and territory specific cases. Profitability & Sales Results §  Fueled sales by turning around total territory, by promoting total Blaw-Knox product portfolio towards the #1 rank internationally in an impactful and impressive manner. §  Achieved Top sales ranking by developing key territories and areas by successfully re-establishing the Ingersoll-Rand products within the marketplace. §  Materialized the Top Sales Ranking  by leading the Latin America District in total portfolio sales, resulting in the #1 portfolio performance in the Latin America area, as well as the #1 Blaw-Knox Market Share Growth. §  Pioneered and Reinstated the IR Brand in specific territories by initiating a pilot programs with Montabert, BobCat, and ABG Pavers with a specialized and focused group of developers. §  Increased customer value and sales growth by identifying key thought leaders and negotiating with specific institutions in providing hands on training, qualitative service and continuous customer service. §  Contributed towards ABG and Blaw-Knox Sales by 42% resulting in a multi-million dollar gain for the company while increasing the Montabert sales by 65%. Leadership Highlights §  Received Sales Award in the Portable Power Division, the Blaw-Knox and ABG Division, and in the Road Development Sector. §  Received "On the Road to Success" Top Performer National Sales Award for the Blaw-Knox and ABG Asphalt Paving Portfolio. §  Realized the IR National Sales Trainer Award, by implementing training and development in over 22 countries. §  Successfully Trained all IR, Blaw-Knox, Portable Power, Montabert, ABG, and Road Development Distributors on an on-going basis in the hands on technical and troubleshooting capacity in both sales and product support for the entire portfolio of products.



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    The Ken Blanchard Companies
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    District Sales Manager Training

    Lilly University
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    Asphalt & Soil Compaction

    The Road Institute-IR-Shippensburgh
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