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Regular donations to American Cancer Society and past donations to Special Olympics.


Alsbridge is a leading and award winning sourcing, benchmarking and transformation advisory firm providing business consulting services around the world to CIOs, CFOs and CPOs. With major offices in Dallas, Texas; London, England; and Paris, France; New Delhi and Bangalore, India; Alsbridge deals with the many complex facets of benchmarking, outsourcing, insourcing, shared services, and program management. Alsbridge utilizes a number of different tools to achieve optimal results for its clients. Alsbridge is particularly well-known for its pioneering of the benchmarking process with its ProBenchmark tool, which examines quantitative price/cost analyses and qualitative relationship analyses for each company, giving the client a clear picture of how to improve overall value. Additionally, Alsbridge implements tools such as FastSource, Sourcing Implement System, and Market Reality Assessments to achieve the most accurate results in the shortest period of time.

Since its foundation in 2003 as Trowbridge Group which later in consolidation with ALS Consulting became Alsbridge in 2005, has consistently demonstrated the expertise, efficiency, and value that have become the hallmark of its services. Client-focused and results-driven, Alsbridge’s results have proven to manifest 40% faster than clients who rely only on themselves. Alsbridge’s deep expertise has led a number of publications and media companies, including BusinessWeek, Philippine Business Daily Mirror, and CNN Money, to highlight it in a broad range of articles and news features. To date, Alsbridge has assisted companies across a number of sectors, including pharmaceuticals and bio-technology, government, telecommunications, travel and entertainment, healthcare, manufacturing and distribution, financial services, utilities and energy, transportation, consumer products, and technology.

Alsbridge was ranked the #1 outsourcing advisor in the world by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) based on the value delivered to clients.  This commitment to delivering value to our clients has made Alsbridge a distinguished member of the 2010 Inc. 500 fastest growing privately held companies in America. 

Alsbridge has always maintained an active role not only in the business world, but in the world of social responsibility. Alsbridge currently supports organizations such as the American Cancer Society and the Special Olympics in the hopes that its contributions will make a difference in the lives of others. In addition to its charitable contributions, Alsbridge is dedicated to significantly reducing its carbon footprint and has established numerous environmental policies, as well as an offsetting policy, for the office.

Work experience

Cloud Sourcing


Alsbridge's Cloud Sourcing practice has helped organizations leverage cloud computing to avoid millions of dollars in capital expenditure and cut operating costs by as much as 70% - all while improving the scalability of their IT infrastructure and applications. Our cloud advisors use our database of cloud contract pricing and terms to give our clients the transparency and leverage necessary to make and execute informed business decisions. Alsbridge's data-driven cloud sourcing methodology  helps organizations assess the unique risks and overcome the challenges to adopting cloud computing. Our experienced cloud advisors help organizations overcome the technical challenge of assessing an application portfolio and IT architecture coupled with organizational challenges around building stakeholder consensus and a business case for moving to the cloud. 

Network Services


Alsbridge Network Services Group (NSG) is the #1 network consulting firm in the world by transaction volume. We average 100+ full network sourcing engagements per year plus approximately 50 ancillary engagements that include rate reviews, benchmarking, transformation, engineering, analysis, optimization and TEM engagements. Alsbridge placed over $1B in telecom contract value in 2011, and our team is actively negotiating 25-40 engagements at any given point in time.

Shared Services


Shared Services solutions provide an ever-widening range of options for increasing bottom-line efficiency and promoting top-line innovation. Alsbridge applies its experience and creativity to help organizations craft a Shared Services strategy to provide unmatched advantages in cost of delivery and innovative Finance and Accounting (F&A), IT, and Human Resources (HR) support for the core business. 

Benchmarking Advisor


Alsbridge provides clients the industry’s fastest, most accurate and cost effective solution for price benchmarks, cost benchmarks, performance benchmarks and contract benchmarksAlsbridge can deliver a benchmark in weeks instead of months, with relevant data modeled to the client's scenario, at as much as 70% below the market cost for a benchmark.

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Consulting - Outsourcing Advisor

Outsourcing, Benchmarking and Shared services consultants. Major office locations in Dallas, London and Paris. Our proven methodology is designed to to assist clients through each step of the decision and contracting process to include pre and post implementation issues related to people, process and technology.