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A BUSINESS PROFESSIONAL                                                 OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT OVERVIEW Diverse industries & processes seen. Wide safety exposure. Govt. Safety Orders & guidelines knowledge. Identifies actions, protocols or machinery changes needed to mitigate losses. Recognizes hazards for correction. Created formal recommendations for programs and operational safety. Standardized written safety programs for a manufacturing company. Lead people to act. TRAINING & LEADING RESULTS Bilingual (Spanish - English). Multi-versatile trainer to all levels of operation. Diverse topics presenter. MSFT Office & Lotus. Identified, organized & suggested needed safety programs. Guided clients to proactively administer IIPP's and develop client relationships. Understandable training & user friendly programs.

Work experience

Dec 2009Present

Safety Consultant II

Sentry Insurance
Sentry Insurance is one of the largest & strongest mutual insurance companies in the United States with an A+ rating from A.M. Best and is based out of Stevens Point, Wisconsin. Parker Services, is part of Sentry Insurance Group. Challenge: Perform discerning field surveys & safety consulting in Los Angeles & So Cal. for Sentry Insurance. Perform timely & professionally for diverse markets – mostly auto dealers, agriculture & industrial equipment dealers, and many manufacturers (plastic, electronic, metal, printing). See all large dealer or regional accounts with multiple locations, plus small businesses assigned. Work now in Counties: Los Angeles, Ventura, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, Kern, Tulare, Kings, San Bernardino, parts of Riverside County – misc. visits in Orange - San Diego. Multi-Line Organizing Solutions: Use skills in the Workers’ Comp to start or improve IIPP’s & controls with WC policyholders and control risks in (fire) property insurance. Measure & evaluate many building values at varied facilities (3 special projects completed in Seattle-to-Lynden-to-Olympia, & Oregon). Evaluate sprinkler systems; make test recommendations, along with fire and safety recs. Work on many auto policy stats. Clients questioned for contents, liability, product liability, business continuity, & crime. Recommend urgent training for employment practices liability (EEOC/ADA). Time element, umbrella, & inland marine histories addressed. Skilled profitable, thoughtful & expediant decisions made to help underwriters & clients.
Oct 2009Dec 2009

Special Project Assistant - Safety / Health / H.R.

Adecco Employment Services / Adecco USA

Temp work thru Adecco for a division of MANITOWOC COMPANY, INC. (WI) in Glendale CA, called MCCANN’S ENGINEERING & MANUFACTURING. McCann’s is a designer, manufacturer, & supplier of best-in-class soft drink & beverage dispensing equipment for the global foodservice market. A temp role at McCann’s until project ended. Challenge: To help client, to organize & customize programs and elements of their extensive Safety Management System to match the style and points of the programs of the larger corporate entity – Manitowoc Co. Fine tune the safety management system to the needs of this manufacturing environment. Work within Human Resources and report to H R Manager. Interact with all depts. to discover needs & communicate solutions. Corporate Programs Work: Aligned McCann’s safety program with Manitowoc Corp’s programs. Assisted in planning & holding safety meetings, did weekly publication of toolbox trainings, and general Human Resources help (used Excel, PowerPoint, Word). Sorted MSDS' & JSA's records by dept. Worked at a solid, well organized, 5-S (plus safety) division of a global company.

Jan 1993Apr 2009

Loss Control Consultant

Republic Indemnity Company

A private workers’ compensation insurer for businesses. Member of the Great American Insurance Group.

CHALLENGE: To reduce injury severity, frequency, and help lower claims costs for clients in a large Southern California territory.

AUDIT & COMPLIANCE: Audited workplaces & safety programs for regulatory compliance & statutory guidelines. Described operations to underwriting for pricing. Completed over 7,000 audit visits & technical reports to screen & detail hazards. Acquired payroll and employee data by class codes. Reported to Asst. V.P. of Loss Control. SERVICE & SCOPE: Serviced manufacturers, assemblers, food processers, machine shops, retail, produce/meat distributors, grocery stores, warehouses, metal fab, wineries, restaurants, offices… (25-40 sites/ month). $5 million in average premiums seen per year. Made daily surveys of businesses, equipment, tools, & processes for policy decisions. REINFORCED STANDARDS: Helped enforce safe practices for injury cost reduction. Made recommendations on deficiencies based on ANSI, NFPA guidelines & Cal-OSHA regulations on guarding, PPE, HazCom & other compliance issues. Reduced injuries, litigation, improved workplaces. Reduced lifting strains by 25% to lower loss ratios. Encouraged safe ergonomic movement & proper use of tools. TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT: Organized short training presentations (for workers) and Train-the-Trainers sessions (for managers). Made service plans & accident investigations. Reviewed claims and concerns with clients to find and control trends. Provided tech support, monitored accounts, reported changes. BUSINESS MANAGEMENT: Professionally managed policies over $200K premium ($800K in the past) but most smaller. Assisted in retaining a high percentage of renewals, while marketing to new prospects. Interacted with brokers. Helped improve high injury rated companies improve their ratings. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Earned Certified Safety & Health Manager (CSHM) designation.

Jan 1992Jan 1993

Workers' Compensation Insurance Rep

State Compensation Insurance Fund / State of CA

The state operated workers’ compensation insurance carrier for businesses of all sizes. CHALLENGE: To conduct many field surveys of businesses while improving the safety records of small, medium & large businesses – at a time when legislation had just passed requiring a safety program in all workplaces. And to lower injury costs of businesses affecting insurance cost, within a community not familiar with formal safety programs.

SERVICE & SCOPE: Professionally surveyed and consulted daily on worker safety within diverse client company operations. Kept loss ratios low, by educating business owners on safety programs. Made tangible workplace recommendations and machine guarding recommendations to lessen injuries.

TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT: Provided technical assistance, troubleshooting, and held training sessions. (Example: a self-designed presentation on hand tool safety for maintenance staff at Cal-Tech, Pasadena). Managed multi-language literature library for efficient departmental handout uses. Used literature in the field, with one-to-one talks to educate and motivate.  Held occasional safety training with owners and staff.                STRATEGY & INNOVATION: Measured air & noise levels and analyzed various other workplace employee exposures. Kept records used data to make formal recommendations to correct & protect. Came up with solutions to solve risks.                PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Completed Safety Consultant training provided to develop safety thought processes & study regulatory awareness.

Jul 1987May 1990

Regional Account Manager

TRW Real Estate Loan Services

This company sold and provided data based services to banks, lenders, and escrow companies from the TRW database, all used for real estate transactions.   

                                    CHALLENGE: To effectively manage a Los Angeles sales territory, selling credit reports & mortgage document preparation services while adapting to the newly added, cross sale of appraisal services & title insurance in an up-and-down market.

SOURCED LEADS & CLOSED: Successfully grew sales in the wide Los Angeles area for the doc prep service & for credit reports.  Opened new area in refi’s & credit union markets. Daily visiting of clients, contacted new business, & negotiated sales.  Maintained sales volumes & relationships to continue business.               TECH ASSISTANCE: Organized contact data and names using dbase3+ and WordPerfect for 24/7 field notes access.

May 1982Nov 1986

Independent Oil & Gas Land Consultant

Independent Oil & Gas Consultant

Offered my knowledge and services in oil & gas lease analysis, along with computer software inputting skills, in order to digitize oil lease contract data onto client database systems.                  Clients:  Apache Oil - Houston, TX,  1985 – 1986  /  Damson Oil -Houston, TX, 1984 – 1985MCO Resources Inc. - Houston, TX, 1983 – 1984  /  Ensource, Inc. -Englewood, CO,  1982 – 1983                  CHALLENGE: To help oil company clients digitize contracts and lease data into computer mainframe systems while effectively aware of mapping format differences, including the Louisiana Parish (vs. county) system.

ANALYSIS & PROJECT RESULTS:  Analyzed recorded title records for all clients in a timely fashion. Completed inputting of information accurately into database.  Reviewed interest agreements, contracts, and production percentages. Monitored & reported project status & timelines.


Project Leader

Scientific Software Corporation

This company digitized oil data using consulting staff and proprietary software to integrate data into client database and create operational uses.                        CHALLENGE: Get diverse oil / gas areas and lease information into database quickly and accurately for fast start up of payments and searches by oil company clients.     

ANALYSIS & PROJECT RESULTS: Interacted with accounting, land-staff, lease records staff, & file room personnel to create smoother data flow. Pulled leases, mineral title documents and other relevant data for input. Analyzed data, mapped, & input legal descriptions in orderly methods while aware of Louisiana acreage differences.                                     PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Promoted to Project Leader in first year for swiftly helping to computerize oil / gas lease data from files at client offices on projects in both Denver & Houston. 

Jul 1979Jun 1980

Technical Recruiter

Solar Energy Research Institute (SERI)

Facilities still today provide solar energy research. (Now called: National  Renewable Energy Lab).  Under the U.S. Dept of Energy but as a government operated contractor – was never part of U.S. General Schedule GS employee system.

CHALLENGE: To help find quality degreed staff for scientific, management, IT, and clerical workforce - while being at my first job after college.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Learned & performed all personnel functions & technical recruiting tasks as the institute was just starting.                                      PROFESSIONALLY ADMINISTERED: Accepted resumes. Setup interviews, arranged flights. Worked with salary research, formulating and making fair offers – utilizing qualitative & quantitative techniques.  Advertised positions by placement in newspapers or other media. Gave typing tests. Sent out rejection & acceptance letters. Made offers in relation to experience and regional salary parameters to help staff the institute fairly.                                     DEPARTMENTAL  COLLABORATIONS: Developed basic strategies with managers on how to recruit for difficult technical scientific positions – and solutions (that included clerical staff up to Ph.D. level).  Worked with managers to develop employee relations issues, and collaborated with managers to build consensus for problem resolution.                                     ANALYSIS & ISSUES: Prepared reports of findings and recommendations. Explained company benefits and Human Resources policies, procedures, & guidelines. Gave advice on complex H.R. issues, E.E.O.C. issues, involving H.R. policy areas, such as staffing, classification, and employee relations.



Microsoft Office
Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook (as well as Lotus Notes).  Bilingual (Spanish - English).   ALSO TRAINED IN:   Microsoft Access & Excel 2003 – VTC Online Training (8-2009) Previous work & understanding of dBase3+.                                          Great American University/ Republic Indemnity–Underwriting Basics, (4-2009)   Global Harmonized System – GHS & Safety Data Sheets (7-2007)   Preventing Injury and Illness to Groundskeepers in Tourism related Jobs, UCLA (4-2007)   Hearing Protection and Conservation, E.A.R. / Peltor Brands (3-2007)   Hazard Communication Compliance Training Seminar, National Safety Council (6-2006)   Machine Guarding Safety Training — Protech Systems, Chino CA, (5-2003)   Conflict Management and Confrontation Skills, Fred Pryor Seminars (6-2001)   Toast Masters public speaking course (early 2000)   Ergonomics, The Training Institute, (9-2000 & again 11-2002)   Communication Skills for a Safe Workplace — National Safety Council, (6-2000)   Great American University / Republic Indemnity: Achieving Extraordinary Customer Relations (4-2000)   Workers’ Compensation, Documentation-Legal , Dan J. Tennenhouse, M.D., J.D. FCLM, (9-1999)   Workers’ Compensation, Legal Liability Prevention, Dan J. Tennenhouse, M.D., J.D. FCLM, (9-1999)   Indoor Air Quality and Ergonomic Assessment Orange County Section of American Industrial Hygiene Association AIHA, (10-1995)

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