Established in 2001 in Schaumburg, Illinois, Alrek Business Solutions, Inc., performs a host of information technology (IT) projects for clients large and small. The projects range from identifying and solving complex problems to the routine examination of a company’s IT functions with the objective of improving and, when appropriate, integrating them. In addition, Alrek Business Solutions trains technicians and engineers in a broad spectrum of technologies, including Oracle, Java, DataStage, Business Analyst, and many others. The nature of the client’s problem determines Alrek’s approach. Some situations require ad-hoc research, while others call for a dedicated client team that will act as an extension of the client’s own IT department while on the job. From its Illinois headquarters and an office in Hyderabad, India, Alrek serves clients in a broad range of industries and locations, including IBM in North Carolina, Mastek in India, State Street in Boston, Intuit in California, McDonald’s in Illinois, and Keane in India.Alrek Business Solutions focuses on reducing the clients’ costs and improving system performance. The goals can sometimes be accomplished through minor adjustments to a system; in addition, system rationalization can often lead to significant savings, sometimes as much as 15% of an enterprise’s IT budget. System integration, an area in which Alrek has a stellar track record, is another means of cost reduction. In situations where more complex solutions are called for, Alrek delivers the development of modern applications to meet modern requirements, as well as legacy modernization and migration, for which the firm employs a revolutionary approach called Managed Mainframes to minimize the risk inherent in implementing such solutions.

Work experience

Work experience
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