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Experience in:

- Managing strategic research projects of multinational companies

- Managing international teams 

- Financial modelling / analysis

- Derivative trading

Key Skills:

- Decision taking under uncertainty, problem-solving skills

- Ability to handle pressure and deadlines

- Strong interpersonal and team player skills

- Leadership



Economy, Marketing, Business, and Philosophy.


Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, India, Italy, Malaysia, Nepal, Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and Thailand.


Turkish regional champion in tournaments.


Playing drums.


Scuba diving (Open Water PADI license), football, badminton, and tennis.


  • Languages:

Native Turkish

Fluent English

- Advanced English: Tarsus American College, Tarsus, Turkey (1990-1995)

Advanced Spanish

- Intermediate Spanish: Instituto Cervantes, Colegio Maravillas, Benalmadena, Spain (2009)

- Basic Spanish: Salminter, Salamanca, Spain (2001)

Conversational French

- Basic French: Euromed Marseille, Marseille, France (2006-2007)

  • Computer skills:

- Excellent working knowledge of Microsoft Office.


Available upon request.

Some comments about Alp's work from previous managers...

"Alp is a reliable and dedicated analyst and manages his work well. He takes full ownership of the projects. The amount of thought leadership shown by Alp was exceptional."

"Alp is very diligent and hard working. He was leading the team by example and was always ready to guide the other team members. He was also able to hold his own in client meetings and left a very positive impression on the client too."

"Alp is a very good resource to have on complex assignments as well as short turnaround requests. He is a good team player and an effective resource."

"Alp had some previous knowledge and also built his learning quickly -which was very helpful in the smooth execution of the project and ultimately led to client delight."

"Alp is a team player. He never hesitates to step in and help others with their part/work assigned. He has displayed great camaraderie with the team and in a short while has gained respect of all team members."

"Alp is able to come up the learning curve very fast and devotes considerable time towards getting the basics right. This helps him and the team at later stages."

"Alp’s work requires little or no QC."

"Alp is an extremely diligent and motivated team player. He tries to approach the problem in more than one way and therefore provides a new approach to the team (and to the client too). It is a pleasure to work with Alp and I look forward to many more opportunities."

"Alp has very good verbal communication skills and he is clear in his communication."

"Alp met all internal deadlines and made sure every deliverable was sent on time."

"Alp has demonstrated a keen eye for details."

"Alp took the overall initiative of coordinating the efforts of the team and emerged as the project lead."


India delegate for Board of International Turkish Business Council (DTIK), Apr 2009 - Has no expiration

India delegate for the 82nd Business Council (DTIK) under the Turkish Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEIK), for the development of business between India and Turkey.

Member of International Turkish Business Council, Asia-Pacific Committee (DTIK), Apr 2009 - Has no expiration

Member of the Asia-Pacific committee for the 82nd Business Council (DTIK) under the Turkish Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEIK), for establishing a stronger Turkish lobby.

Project management with multinational teams, Oct 2007- Apr 2009

"Excellence in team work" Award, (Evalueserve), Mar 2009

“Star Performer” Award, for overall performance (Evalueserve), Nov 2008

Fastest promotion amongst International Analysts (Evalueserve), Jul 2008

Work experience

Aug 2007Present

Senior Business Analyst

  • Worked with Global Insurance Companies and Retail Banks in the area of strategy support. Key projects undertaken include in-depth market analysis, financial benchmarking, competitive landscape analysis, statistical analysis and financial services product development support
  • Helped in projects the Energy department, eg: Oil market assessment and projections for Turkey.
  • Helped in projects the Telecom department, eg: Create a tariff book of worldwide telecom tariffs.
  • Key projects undertaken in the Business and Investment Research Departments include:

Study on Cards and Payments Market: Debit Card Deep Dive

This was a high-level study, requiring consulting skills, where we had to develop suggestions for debit card product strategies. The study analysed card and payment markets with a more detailed focus on debit card innovations. A top-down analysis methodology that consisted of three phases was followed throughout the study. In the first phase, we mapped out the current payment market landscape and identified key trends using a blend of qualitative and quantitative frameworks. In the second phase, we developed a multilayer screening methodology to identify and classify key innovations in the debit card market. These innovations were further filtered through a qualitative framework, highlighting potential revenue generation, cost reduction, and customer service improvement opportunities. In the final phase, we built in-depth multi-variable models and applied Monte Carlo simulation to forecast 5-year NPV for selected ideas. The client was delighted with the final results.

Country Brief Report on Business and Insurance Environment: Turkey

The study was a comprehensive assessment of business and insurance environments in Turkey. For the business environment, it discussed key factors that affect the political and economic outlook in Turkey. For the insurance environment it analysed the competitive landscape, regulations, and trends in business classes.

Study of Insolvency/Default cases in Life Insurance Sector

The study identified relevant cases of default by select life insurance companies and analysed the indicators that trigger default. This analysis is designed to act as a basis for building a model that can help predict such cases.

Study of Securitisation in Life Insurance Sector

The study analysed the development and uses of securitisation in the life insurance sector. The analysis was based on different aspects of risk, pricing and capital structures of CAT Bonds.

Study of Global Executive Compensation Benchmarking

The study analysed compensation packages of leading global companies. This involved quantitative analysis of all compensation elements awarded and qualitative analysis of compensation policies. A comprehensive webpage demonstrating the results of the study was designed as part of the project. This study was followed by a correlation analysis of companies’ performance and directors’ compensation structure for a sample of listed US companies.

Market assessment of and projections for the oil market in Turkey

The study analysed the Turkish oil market for a major multinational oil company. The study focused on different aspects such as regulations, market structure, competitive landscape and product details. It also involved building a model to forecast market size and growth for different sectors.

Jan 2005Jul 2006

Financial Analyst/Trader

InterContinental Financial Services Corp.

  • Trained on money and commodity markets for financial analysis and using financial instruments as strategic investment and hedging tools.
  • Prepared fundamental and technical market reports regularly for short and long term as a financial analyst.
  • Worked as a trader in the New York, Chicago and London markets for commodity, forex and index futures & options, and also for spot forex markets, while taking an active part in managing diverse portfolios.
  • Trained in middle office/back office applications and internal risk control – helped confirm and match executed trades, followed up on positions, placed stops on critical accounts in margin calls, etc.
  • Helped the development of innovative trading platforms.
  • Managed financial news web site of the company.
Aug 2004Dec 2004

AIESEC Trainee

Garware Wall Ropes

  • Took responsibility as a member of Global Marketing Team to research and develop new markets for company products.
  • Successfully established new trade routes in Turkey and South America for the company.
Jul 2002Aug 2002

Assistant Economist

Industrial Development Bank of Turkey

  • Trained on economic research for sectoral analysis. Learned basic methods required to analyze development and profitability of certain sectors.
  • Took an active role in a $20M credit evaluation project in tourism sector as an assistant economist.
  • Summer internship.
Jul 2001Aug 2001

Retail Banking Assistant


  • Worked on operational banking sector and marketing and selling of banking products.
  • Summer internship.


Sep 2003Present

Masters of Arts in Economics

Çukurova University

Selected coursework: Theories of conomic Growth, Econometrics, The European Union, Economic Policies -Stochastic Dynamic Optimization. (Thesis remaining.)

Sep 2006Sep 2007

Masters of Science in Business Management

Euromed Marseille School of Management

Selected coursework: Advanced Corporate Finance, Value-Based Management, Mergers & Acquisitions, Equity Investments, Multinational Finance, World Financial Markets and Institutions, Marketing, Global Strategy.

Sep 1999Jun 2003

Bachelor of Arts in Economics

Koç University

Selected coursework: Microeconomics, Statistics, Macroeconomics, Industrial Economics, Public Finance, Multivariable Calculus and MatrixAlgebra, Cost Accounting, Tax Accounting, Auditing.




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