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Alphonse R. D'souza

Team Lead

Career Objective

Looking for challenging assignment and responsibility in a healthy working environment, with an opportunity for growth and career advancement as successful achievements.


6 years of mobile application development , iOS, written in Swift and Objective-C. Currently working   independently  and closely with clients in Sweden(Europe).

 Skills and Competences

Technical skills
Programming Languages: Swift , Objective-C , C++,

Web Data format: JSON,XML,Soap
Database:  Sqlite,Mysql   

Development Tools :

Mobile specific:  Xcode,Instruments,Mobile Simulators.
Version handling tools: Git,SVN
Scrum master experience : 6 Months
Knowledge:  Scrum,Agile methodology

Trainer Role: Given iOS application development training in SAP labs,official coaching sessions.

Stack overflow  contribution: Profile

Work History

Apr 2012Present

Team Lead and iOS Application Developer

Indpro AB
Software Engineer(Develops mobile apps)
Jun 2010Mar 2012

iOS Application Developer

Software Engineer(Develops mobile apps)


Jan 20062010

Bachelor of Engineering , Computer Science

K.L.E.C.E.T. ,Visvesvaraya Technological University,Belgaum
Jun 20042006

Pre-University, Science(PCMB)

Kendriya Vidyalaya,Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)board
Jun 20032004

SSLC(Tenth Standard)

Kendriya Vidyalaya, Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)board

Project Summary

Project: – 1

Title:                            cTimeSheet (iPhone Application) iTunes link
Role:                             Developer
Team size:                     1
Client:                         Exicom AB

It’s an app for time reporting on mobile devices. It provides an efficient time reporting and a more rapid monitoring of projects and activities. Its gives you more freedom, reduces stress and makes it fun to report when you sit and work at a customer site or are on the way to home.


The special features used in the project:

  • Opening app from email link
  • Supporting multiple user and keeping track of their login details
  • Day, week and month wise displaying time report
  • Rendering calendar, pop-ups on days and different images on days for easy monitoring of time reports based on month
  • Real time sync of data between client and the server database
  • Searching clients, projects and activities
  • Works offline


Key Challenges:

  • Real time sync of time report details between client and the server database
  • Proper caching of companies data coming from web service
  • Displaying huge details in table view in week and search screen
  • Displaying calendar and pop-ups on its days
  • Supporting multitasking and offline time report sync managment


Project: – 2

Title:                           cManager (Universal Application)iTunes link
Role:                            Developer
Team size:                   1
Client:                         Exicom AB

cManager is a part of the Copernicus Mobile , which is developed and powered by Exicom AB.

Copernicus Mobile
The app for mobile time reporting makes it easy for your organization to do time reporting wherever and whenever.

The app for mobile time reporting is especially suitable for modern and movable organizations where you have need of being able to utilize time more effectively. You can do time reporting when you are out travelling, when you are on your way between customer meetings or when you are sitting and working at a customer or when you are on your way home.

The app cManager collects the entire process for time reporting in a convenient mobile interface. The supervisor can now easily keep updated and continuously attest time reports and see who has not reported. Along with cTimeSheet the cManager provides a powerful tool for a more efficient time reporting.

Project: – 3

Title:                            Nixon Catalog (iPad Application)
Role:                            Developer
Team size:                   3
Client:                         Nixon


Allows customers to buy products straight from the iPad app, enables customers to interact with your advertisers. Reduces print production costs for your publications and hence increases revenues.


The special features used in the project:

  • In App Purchase
  • Downloading client specific pdf in the book shelf
  • Smart Search for books and book contents
  • Hyperlink detection within pdf
  • Easy reading with zooming , page bookmarking, bottom page slider
  • Offline reader
  • In App browser like safari


Key Challenges:

  • In App Purchase
  • Smart Search
  • Hyperlink detection within pdf
  • Downloading pdf with limitless pages
  • Easy pdf reading with zooming , page bookmarking, bottom page slider
  • Offline reader



  • Rendering the downloaded pdf with limitless pages.
  • Slide animation of pdf pages to read next pages.
  • Easy readability with bottom thumbnail slider and
  • Pdf zooming facility.


Project: – 4

Title:                            CricPredict,CricPredict Pro (iPhone Application)iTunes link
Role:                            Developer
Team size:                   2
Client:                         Adeptpros


By using this application an user can predict winner of the cricket matches and can win virtual money. It’s a combination of sports and entertainment application.


The special feature used in the project:

  • Can predict on latest cricket scheduled matches.
  • Inviting through Facebook, Twitter and Email.
  • Predicting winner by bidding some points.
  • Calculation of bonus points for correct/wrong prediction based on winning ratio between two teams provided by server
  • Track prediction history.
  • Top scorers list is displayed in the App.


Key Challenges:

  • Rendering the UI dynamically according to the server response. Design of enhanced rule engine for premium calculation. Saving the premium quote with all the selected fields in persistence store.



  • Track prediction history.
  • Rendering the UI elements on the prediction points table.
  • Json parsing to list top scorer and respective points.
  • Inviting through Facebook, Twitter and Email.

Project: – 5

Title:           Share a Cab (iPhone Application - Product)
Role:           Developer
Team size:  3
Client:        Adeptpros 


For Customers:

Book your Cab Anytime, Anywhere and get confirmation about your booking in no time. It allows you to add multiple destinations to your way, calculate distance and approximate fare along with see a Map that displays all your destinations. Check for the current status of your all requests


For Cab Companies:

Allows easy registering of cab companies from comfort of their time and place. It allows receiving of customers request and confirmation to customer's request in no time. See all the the customers requested routes on Map.


The special features used in the project:

  • MapKit to show customers best route to reach your destination and to cab companies the customers requested routes.
  • Improved way of displaying Cabs details.
  • Direct booking or consulting queries by calling within app.
  • Favorite cab and its details.
  • Location based services.


Key Challenges:    

  • MapKit route displaying at both customer and cab side.
  • Implementing the tableview to display company images and details.
  • Displaying Cabs details by table rows expanding and hiding on tap of displayed journey time range.



  • Favorite cab and its details.
  • Improved way of displaying Cabs details.
  • Json parsing to display cabs detail and favorite cabs.
  • Direct booking or consulting queries by calling within app.


Project: – 6

Title:           eGiftCard(iPhone Application)
Role:           Developer
Team size: 2
Client:        Adeptpros


Customizing your own card based on themes and designs within it. Giving your price for ecard and can use to share, exchange egift cards within family and friends and redeeming for own purpose with the app collaborated companies



  • Rendering themes and respective designs based on company selected.
  • Home screen rotating animated options for Create,Share,Redeem.
  • Json parsing for eGiftCard providing companies and its details.
  • Redeem screen with barcode number assigned.


Personal Skills and Competence

Languages :            English,Hindi - Proficient
                                    Marathi,Kannada - Basic language skills
 Mother Tongue :  Konkani