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I was a three year captain on my high school football team and was trusted to lead and support my team. I was selected to be platoon leader while in basic training due to my level of confidence, and my ability to make educated and quick decisions. I received advanced leader training during Sapper School and received the "Skilled Leader Award" for my success during training. I was also selected to be a fire team leader while deployed to Afghanistan, I was responsible for two lower enlisted soldiers within my team. My two years as a Cadet in the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets was spent leading my training company, being a Fire Team Leader to freshman cadets, and as a member of Foxtrot company's training cadre responsible for training the entire freshman unit attached to Foxtrot. But most importantly, as a leader, I understand the importance of knowing how to properly follow.
I am a certified Expert Marksman in the military as well as a "tabbed" US Army Sniper. I have grown up learning how to properly use, maintain, and repair multiple types of firearms.
Computer Skills
I am extremely proficient in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and with the Mac & Windows operating systems.


Work experience

Jun 2007Jun 2011

Combat Engineer

United States Army


Aug 2011Present


Virginia Tech