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I like researching particularly about my professional interests and sharing research results by blogging. I have written over than 60 articles about electronics, new technologies and innovations at which is te largest engineering portal of Turkey. And also trying to share my experiences and knowlendges on my personal blog;

My graduation thesis is Design and Implementation of An Embedded Web Server Via PIC Microcontroller.

I have 3 months experience as R&D Trainer on "CAN Communication Expoeriment Panel" and "Electric Vehicle Research" projects at TOFAŞ.

Working at Bursa Technical University as Research Assistant

Career Goals

My short term career goal is being a fully equipped Embedded System Engineer and to innovate for benefit of mankind.

Long term career goal is to have authority on Embedded Systems and IoT and M2M Communication and Machine Learning.



Master Degree

Bursa Technical University Department of Electric&Electronics Engineering

Master Degree of Mechatronic Engineering

Bursa Technical University

Based on Internet of Things and Embedded Sytems


Electronic Enginner

Uludag University

Final Thesis: Embedded Web Server Design

Work experience

May 2015Present

Electronic Engineer & Assistant Field Manager 

BT İletisim

FATİH Project (M.E.B.)

LAN setup of 700 school in Bursa field.


Intern Electronic Engineer


Electric Vehicle Research Project (2 Months)
CAN-BUS Experiment Panel Project (1 Month)


Editor & University Representative

Written over 60 technical artilcles and current tech news about engineering at the biggest enginnering portal of Turkey.


Basic Home Security System

Arduino based basic home security system design via temperature, motion, gas and light sensors with hobby purpose.

Card Entrance System

Arduino and Windows based card enterance system for small businesses, schools etc via RFID. The system consists of Arduino based terminals and central computer software(Windows). The software stores enter-exit datas, allows or rejects enter or exit.

The system contains RF communication between terminals and central computer that stores the data and controls terminals. 

PIC Based Embedded Web Server Design

The system reads temprature and humidity values from 4 sensors and control 4 relays via TCP/IP. In this project, Microchip TCP/IP Stack were used. The server designed for undergraduate thesis.

CAN-BUS Experiment Panel via HCS12 MCU's

CAN-BUS Experiment Panel for automobile communications for TOFAŞ/FIAT via Freescale HCS12 MCU's

Electric Vehicle Researchs

EV technologies, patents and new developments researched for TOFAŞ/FIAT.  Particularly researched battery systems, regenerative braking systems.

Text section

Professional Interests

Embedded Systems
Microcontrollers & FPGA
C Programming
Internet of Things
M2M Communication
Image Processing
Machine Learning & Pattern Recognition

Exams & Certificates.



Foreign language proficiency exam conducted by OSYM.

Degree: 78,75 -C

Personal Interests & Hobbies

Books, Civil Aviation, Swimming, Writing, Literature...


Microsoft Office
Assembly Programming
Research and Documantation

Experienced at TOFAŞ and

Fundamental Electronic Component Knowledge

From Engineering education and projects.

MCU Programming
Embedded System Development

C Programming