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Alon Arabov is a diamond manufacturing business professional with an extraordinary marketing record in the wholesale and retail diamond trade.

Arabov is the Managing Director and Co-Founder of the highly successful Arabov Group, an international diamond company that caters to the luxury jewelry market. In this role, Arabov oversees all stages of the business from rough sourcing through manufacturing and sorting to marketing, sales and business development, taking the company to the next level of global expansion. Today, the company ranks as one of the world’s leading diamond companies.

Started by his father David Arabov in the 1950s in Israel, “Arabov” quickly became a name known all around the world for expertise in cutting diamonds. Today there are wholesale Arabov diamond offices in Israel, USA, Hong Kong, Shanghai, South Africa, and Russia trading in loose diamonds and diamond jewelry.

Work experience

CEO of Arabov Group

Arabov Group

Alon Arabov was born in Israel. After a visit to New York City, he decided to remain in America and pursue a degree in business administration at New York University. Finding himself with time on his hands before the fall semester began, he took a job in New York City’s action-packed diamond district and never looked back. Arabov established himself as a diamond trader, ultimately leading to the founding of his own diamond dealership. After several years, he left New York to explore the diamond market in other parts of America, settling finally in Charlotte, North Carolina. Initially, he continued with the wholesale focus of his business, but observing that there was a shortage of quality diamond retail outlets, he expanded his business and initiated Diamonds Direct, which grew into an enormously successful jewelry and diamond retail establishment. Diamonds Direct captured millions in sales revenue by specializing in customer service and high-quality product. Arabov then set up successful wholesale outlets in New York City, Arizona, Maryland and other locations in America, and in Tel Aviv, Israel. Following this success, he returned to Israel and continued to expand the business, including entering into diamond cutting and polishing (operating factories in Russia, South Africa, Botswana and Israel) and joint-venture agreements with the largest diamond mining companies in the world. As a result, Arabov Group has become one of a select group of companies selling diamonds to their customers straight from the mines.


Alon Arabov is a generous donor to many charities and non-profit organizations, and serves on several boards of directors. He and his family donated funds to assist with the costs of constructing a new floor for the Sheba Hospital Diabetes Center. Another major recipient of Arabov’s philanthropic work is the Diamond Empowerment Fund which assists impoverished communities in Southern Africa.

Personal Life

Alon Arabov is married and lives with his wife and six children in Herzliya, Israel.


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