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Passionate IT executive and serial entrepreneur with over two decades experience in public companies and startups as CTO or Chief Architect. Track record of building, managing, and delivering on new products in storage, networking, data mining and BI. Current interests are: SaaS, cloud data management, autonomous storage systems, text analytics and NLP on big data.


  • CTO or CEO level founder of four startups - 2 exits with products still in use. Involved in recruiting and building teams, defining and delivering on new products
  • CTO or Chief Architect at public companies having initiated and led development of new products in enterprise storage, networking, and data mining
  • Track record of innovation: over 50 patents (25 issued/ 30 pending)
  • Strong R&D history: 60 conference presentations and journal publications


  • Executive Management Program, Stanford University Business School
  • Ph.D. and MS (EE/CS), University of Minnesota
  • Bachelor of Technology (EE), Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur


  • Cloud and Enterprise Storage and Data Management
  • Data Mining and Business Intelligence
  • SaaS, Cloud and Virtualized Computing
  • Real Time and Mission-Critical Systems

Work experience

May 2010Present


Cruxly Inc.

I am a co-founder, investor and CEO of a pioneering SaaS startup, Cruxly. Cruxly can analyze Twitter, Facebook, other social media posts, as well as email messages to detect actionable intent in near real-time. Using proprietary data analytics, Cruxly identifies a Want (Likes and Buying Intent), Question or Request, or a Promise or Commitment. Businesses are using Cruxly for marketing and sales including lead generation, product management and research, and customer service.



Smapper Technologies, Inc.

Smapper was venture-backed startup that developed software to manage storage I/O performance in virtualized data centers. I was recruited as CTO to initiate a turnaround of the company product directions and strategy, inheriting an existing team and software code base, and was responsible for the determination of software components that could be reused while new functionality are added to implement the new strategy. New prototypes and intellectual property was developed under my guidance before the company closed due to lack of financing.




As CTO and lead strategist I had responsibility of all technology, R&D and team building of an investor-backed SaaS company that provided patented BI and data analytics services on unstructured social media data. I recruited and hired the engineering and R&D team, built the outsourced online data collection, analysis and visualization teams in the US and outsourced teams in India and in Russia. I was also responsible for the hosted cloud architecture on our proprietary architecture in 2008. The technology developed by AumniData is now protected by 3 issued patents and 4 pending patents.



Copan Systems

As founding team member and CTO, I led the product and technology, strategy and IP of investor-backed enterprise storage systems that created the industry’s first green storage company that provided high density, low energy, highly reliable storage for Fortune 1000 enterprises, including Facebook, MySpace, NYSE, NASDAQ, CSFB, BT, and Sprint. COPAN Systems was acquired by SGI in 2010 and its products are still sold.


VP/ Chief Architect

Storage Technology Corp.

As the corporate Chief Architect, I played the role of CTO and managed the corporate R&D group across all product groups; responsibility for technical strategy, new technologies, evaluate M&A targets.Developed and helped establish the company's focus on storage networking,  was instrumental in launching a managed storage service company that was later spun off as a venture-backed company (Managed Storage International) in 1999. Supported corporate business development and customer adoption of storage networks for the global Fortune 1000, including presentations on product and strategy to CXO-level executive.

In 2005 Storage Technology was acquired by Sun Microsystems, which subsequently acquired by Oracle.



Network Systems Corp.

As CTO, I initiated and supported the development of industry’s first enterprise intelligent storage area network switch, later the company’s core networking product after acquisition by StorageTek.Oversaw the development of the first industry leading high-speed network security product, transitioning it from research stage to a supported product.Instrumental in setting technical strategy for the company from internetworking to storage area networks (SANs).

NSC was acquired by StorageTek in 1995



Presentations and Publications


Mssion Critical and Control Systems
Deep expertise in designing and analyzing real-time systems including real-time processing, scheduling, control system and sensor design, applications for networking, distributed multimedia systems and guaranteeing performance via SLAs. Products and services in this area were developed in Honeywell Inc., Network Systems, Storage Technology Corp. and at Smapper Inc.
Corporate Management
Over 15 years as CXO in public and private companies, with history in setting corporate product and services strategy, building development teams to build new products and services, managing global distributed teams, negotiating partnerships with OEMs and vendors.
Technical Strategy
Long history of setting product and corporate strategy at public and private companies, both as member of leadership team and as consultant to the executive management team. History of setting or assisting in setting strategy at: - Network Systems Corp - public internetworking and storage networking company - Storage Technology Corp - public storage systems company (now part of Oracle) - Copan Systems - startup in archival storage systems, now part of SGI - CreekPath.Systems - startup in storage management software, now part of HP - Cruxly - startup in real-time text analytics on social media content
Experience in both Internet and Storage Area Networks (SANs) Protocols: TCP/ IP, SCSI, Fibre Channel, iSCSI Scope: switching designs, error-correction, high bandwidth networks, optical switching, virtual networks, embedded intelligent switching, SLA management.
Software Development
Multiple software development and management in different environments. Operating Systems: Windows, Linux Databases: MySQL, SQL Server Project Management and tracking: SVN, Trac Web: Apache, Tomcat, HTML    
Text Analytics
Expertise in building complex text analytics and machine learning systems for unstructured data business intelligence (BI). Knowledge of Apache NLP stack such as Lucene and machine learning algorithms, speech act or intent detection on social media posts or email messages, neural networks, and genetic algorithms. Developed new algorithms and approaches at Cruxly, and AumniData.
Storage Systems
Expertise and experience in building and developing enterprise class storage systems, hardware and software. Areas including tiered storage hardware, cloud storage, SANs, storage resource management, virtual storage, storage applications including archiving and migration. Achievements include designing one of the first intelligent SAN switch (StorageTek), distributed storage management including SRM (CreekPath/Opsware), archival storage designs including world's first commercial MAID storage (Copan), and managing application performance on shared storage.