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Accepting life experience for credit towards online degrees, including Associate, Bachelor’s, Master’s, and doctoral degrees in several disciplines, Almeda University offers an affordable alternative to traditional brick-and-mortar postsecondary institutions.Prospective students participate in a Prior Learning Assessment Program, wherein qualified faculty members assess life experience to determine if an applicant can receive credit. College entrance exams, program certificates, employer training programs, volunteer work, and community and military service are among the many types of experience that faculty members evaluate.Almeda University also offers hundreds of courses for professional development that are not necessarily part of any degree program, each delivering quality content that features interactive elements, proven instructional design principles, and technical sophistication. Curriculum elements include a course overview, quizzes, mastery tests, progress tracking, matrix navigation, and administrative tracking of test results.Almeda University holds accreditation with the Association for Online Academic Excellence, Interfaith Education Ministries, and Committee for Distance Education Accreditation, a Division of Alliance of International Education Assessors. Although degrees from Almeda University enjoy wide recognition, the institution suggests that prospective students check with employers before enrolling. In any case, the school provides degree verification to any employer a student approves. Certain employers, including some Fortune 500 companies, may provide tuition assistance to students enrolled at Almeda University.In addition to the undergraduate degrees Almeda University confers in a wide range of areas, including Accounting, Applied Sciences and Technology, Business Administration, Journalism, Library Studies, and Public Administration, it awards a host of graduate degrees, including a Master of Business Administration, Master of Commerce, Master of Science, Master of Theology, and Master of Arts. To learn more about the full range of online course offerings and degrees, visit