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Work experience

Feb 2017Feb 2017

Extra/Additional PA

“The Public”-Drama Emilio Estevez

As additional PA I was brought onto the film closer to the end so I had to catch on quickly to my surroundings and what was expected of me. I was responsible for one of the major talents and also keeping track of 75 extras. I had to make sure they were getting to where needed to be and also making sure lock up areas were locked up and no one was getting through when cameras started rolling. This was crucial to our outside scenes because people would approach me to see what was going on but I had to move them along.

Nov. 2016Dec. 2016

Second AC/Slater

"The Alien Song"

Assisting in keeping track of the shots and slating were only a few of my responsibilities on this music video. I also assisted in makeup and filled in camera operator when the other individual was late or couldn’t make it.


Oct. 2016Oct.2016


"75" -Crime/Drama Film

This film was shot in Cincinnati and was to bring awareness to the issue of addiction and how it is on a rise. I was an extra just for a day during a church scene where people of the community have come together to discuss addiction in their neighborhood.

Sept. 2016Sept. 2016

Second AC/Slater

“Elly”-Horror Film

As a second AC I assisted our first AC and cameraman with any movement of equipment that needed to happen. I also worked as a slater and had to make sure to keep track of what scene we were filming along with what take. As well as making sure to mark it when it was necessary.

May 2016May 2016

Production Assistant

MGM TV-"The Gift"

It was crucial that on this TV pilot no logos showed when filming so I had to make sure they were all covered. I had to get people to sign photo release forms just in case they appeared on television.

June 2014August 2015

Equipment Service Specialist


In the call center in Tulsa OK I had to make sure I was troubleshooting problems from accounts from all 50 states. Not only was I assisting our English speaking customers but also our Spanish customers. I had to translate and help the technicians troubleshoot with non-English speakers. I had to write several reports a day and get them to our technicians with the right code and description. 

Aug 2013 Jan 2016

Retail Assistant 

Plato's Closet 

I ran the register and had to make sure to provide excellent customer service. To become a buyer I had to pass an exam and make sure I was buying clothes for the store that were on  trend. I also helped our Hispanic customers understand our buying policy as well as our return policy.

Jan 2012May 2013

Office Assistant at Security Office

Drury University

I am entrusted with confidential papers and information. Some of the tasks performed are answering phones, filing papers, and entering information into computer. Customer service is a major part of the job because you must interact with students, potential students, faculty, and staff. Everyone who enters that office has to be treated with respect.

Sep 2011Nov 2011

Phoneathon employee

Drury University

The job required that I follow a script but also have the ability to improvise and call different people. Some people who I was required to call were alumni, parents, friends of Drury, and people who had the same major as I do. I would have a conversation with them and ask for a gift from them to donate to Drury.

Jun 2007Aug 2007


Incredible Pizza

This job was heavily based on customer service because I had to make sure that both the parent and the child were happy. I worked behind the prize counter which required a lot of patience while people picked out prizes. I had to take inventory, hand out prizes and restock prize shelves. It also required keeping the counters clean since that is our display to the customers.


Aug 2010May 2013

Bachelor of Arts

Drury University

Stage Makeup

Nissan City Pages


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custom design, fashion, sewing, drawing, stage makeup, dressing, theater, television, films, Doctor Who, Sherlock, languages, blogging, social media, radio

Senior Seminar Project


I recently graduated from Drury University. I eventually want to become a special effects makeup artist for films and television.


Find a job as a costume designer, stage makeup artist, or dresser in the theater field. Eventually move on to television and films.


Public Speaking
Stage Make-up
Show dresser
Website building
Microsoft Word
Final Cut Pro
My native languages are English and Spanish, I am also fluent in French which I have taken since I was 11.