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Currently I work as an Academic Advising Coordinator at the University of Utah, which allows me several avenues to connect with many different students, all of which focus on individual advising, relationship building, holistic development as well as academic and leadership skills.

I graduated in 2016 with my Master's degree in the Higher Education and Student Affairs Leadership (HESAL) program at the University of Northern Colorado, which helped prepare me for my goal of advising students professionally. I have previously graduated from Elon University with a Bachelor's degree in Anthropology, which has ignited my interest in understanding individuals and cultures. Personally and professionally I crave a challenge, and this has shaped me into a lifelong learner with the ability to stray from my comfort zone.

Specifically in Student Affairs, I am interested in working closely with students by advising them developmentally and authentically, and have a special interest in retention, transfer students and under-researched populations.

StrengthsFinder Top 5:

Restorative, Relator, Harmony, Learner, Discipline


Master's Degree

University of Northern Colorado
Aug 2014May 2016

Higher Education and Student Affairs Leadership M.A. 

Awarded for Academic Excellence in the College of Education & Behavioral Sciences

Bachelor's Degree

Elon University
Aug 2011May 2014

Major: Anthropology

Minor: Classical Studies

Cum Laude

Lambda Alpha National Anthropological Honors Society

Winter Term Study Abroad: Ireland's Literature, History & Culture

Skill Highlights

Advising & Support

• Supervision of academic advisors in the areas of Anthropology, Environmental & Sustainability Studies and Geography, which includes providing on-going training for academic advisors and standardizing advising milestones, which are linked to carrying out performance evaluations and creating training manuals

• Supports student experiences by providing academic advising and preparing advising materials in the areas of Anthropology, Environmental & Sustainability Studies and Geography as well as providing extensive advising and monitoring academic progress of students in the college's Sponsored Student Program

• Academic Advisor for Environmental & Sustainability Studies program and bridge advisor working with at-risk, sponsored and transfer students at the University of Utah College of Social & Behavioral Science

• Bridge Advisor, trained to work with all 9 majors in the College of Social & Behavioral Science, and liaison to Academic Advising Center at the University of Utah

• Advise College of Social & Behavioral Science Sponsored Students, who were previously denied admission to the University of Utah, on how to navigate and access higher education, create an academic path, and provide hands-on techniques needed on an individual basis

• Oversaw and fostered the development of student executive council members from all Fraternity & Sorority Life councils that held positions in Risk Management, Academics and Internal Affairs

• Worked closely with mentors through group and individual meetings to support their active engagement in the mentor program

• Supervised a group of 25 student athletes and academically at-risk students each semester to enhance individual study techniques that included generating performance plans to teach the student-athlete how to manage their time

• Facilitated a group of 19 potential new members as their Recruitment Counselor with the mission to neutrally promote Greek Life, and provided one-on-one counseling for individual decision-making

• Assisted a group of 20 new Elon University students as an Orientation Leader to provide information, act as a motivator to get new students involved, and work one-on-one with students to work through adjustment problems

Program Development

• Implemented and executed College of Social & Behavioral Science Ambassador Program; ranging from application creation, evaluation, as well as student programming and supervision

• Engaged member of the New Student Orientation Committee for the CSBS, in which our team designs and plans orientation days for the college, trains other advisors, student ambassadors, and orientations leaders, and helps facilitate and execute orientation events

• Designed leadership and training programs for executive Greek Council and Recruitment Counselors

• Developed and programmed the All Greek (NPC, IFC, MGC) Education Programs to address social justice competencies, realities on college campuses, and stress management relevant to the Fraternity & Sorority Life community

• Designed a Greek Week Committee program for the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life by conducting focus groups with students and creating a process application for the positions on the committee

• Developed a mentorship program among current Higher Education and Student Affairs Leadership students and newly admitted students to acclimate them to the graduate school and change the culture of the HESAL program

• Developed and managed program-wide social events for the mentor program to foster community and connection to the HESAL program

Recruitment & Outreach

• Partnered with the University of Utah Admissions Office to create and improve email and calling campaigns to prospective students to major in the College of Social & Behavioral Science

• Represented the College of Social and Behavioral Science in partnership with Salt Lake Community College and work events such as Symposiums, Major Fairs, and Transfer Events

• Liaison in the College of Social & Behavioral Science for the Campus Recruitment Committee at the University of Utah

• Point person for tabling opportunities for the College of Social & Behavioral Science including, but not limited to: Major Expos, Major and Minor Fairs, Transfer Events, and High School Fairs

• Created materials for recruitment events and train students on how to articulate what our college offers

• Trained and designed leadership programs for Recruitment Counselors in Fraternity & Sorority Life on how to promote and recruit students to go through Panhellenic Recruitment, and how to keep students engaged during the days of recruitment

Assessment & Evaluation

• Member of Academic Advising Center Assessment Committee; work to help others in the Academic Advising Center implement assessment on their own through handout and  presentation creation, and group consultation

• Use data analytics and retention reporting systems to assess students' needs, facilitate improvement in student support and services by creating programs to increase declared majors, opportunities for deeply engaged learning, retention and 6-year graduation rates

• Compiled detailed student athlete academic information into Excel reports to enable student progress to be tracked by academic advising staff

• Developed a Greek Week committee by conducting focus groups with students to receive feedback and collect suggestions on moving forward

• Completed courses such as Qualitative Research Methods and Quantitative Research Methods which constructed the knowledge to create effective questions for interviews and surveys, to use technology such as SPSS and VoiceRecord and also provided experience in analyzing collected data

Organization & Administrative Tasks

• Received Crowd Management training from University of Northern Colorado Risk Management

• Partnered with staff and students to manage the Panhellenic Recruitment process at the University of Northern Colorado for Fall 2014 and 2015

• Aided in planning and setting up a banquet for over 200 Scholar Athletes

• Completed tasks such as photocopying, organizing documents and maintaining Blackboard websites for faculty in the Higher Education and Student Affairs Leadership program

• Designed and wrote articles for the Higher Education and Student Affairs Newsletter for the Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 academic year

Customer Care

• Worked Academic Advising Center's Quick Answer Desk, answering advising questions on telephone and in person

• Field questions directed to the College of Social & Behavioral Sciences advising email

• Promoted rapidly from cashier to customer service and new employee trainer at a local bakery

• Contacted customers over the phone to set up follow-up appointments, gave purchase and delivery updates, answered questions and offered more services at the country’s largest bridal retailer

• Conducted customer interviews to elicit necessary information for registration and get to know customer preferences

• Provided exemplary service to all customers through preparation, providing answers and building rapport


2018, University of Utah - Finalist for Outstanding New Academic Advisor

2017, University of Utah - PeopleSoft Award for documenting 100% of all First and Second Year Mandatory Advising Appointments                              

2017, University of Utah - Finalist for Outstanding New Academic Advisor

2016, University of Northern Colorado - Academic Excellence Award for the College of Education & Behavioral Sciences

Professional INVOLVEMENT

  • National Academic Advising Association (NACADA)
  • NACADA Region 10 Mentoring Committee 2017-Present
  • UAAC Conference Planning Committee 2017-2018
  • NACADA Mentorship Program (Mentee) 2017
  • Academic Advising Center (AAC) Assessment Committee 2016-2017
    • Presenter at 2 AAC In Services 2017
    • Presenter at University Academic Advising Community (UAAC) Conference for "Hooked on Assessment" 2017
    • Presenter at Utah Advising Association (UAA) Conference for "Hooked on Assessment" 2017
  • College of Social & Behavioral Science (CSBS) New Student Orientation Planning Committee

Professional Development Courses & Certification

Social Media Tactics for Student Recruitment

Course designed to teach participants how to use social media and content marketing to attract and retain students in academic programs. 

Professional Development Certificate

Obtained through University of Utah's HR Office - achieved by participating in classes such as: Creating a Successful Career; Goals and Personal Motivation; Problem Solving and Decision Making Skills.

Management Essentials Certificate

Obtained through University of Utah's HR Office - achieved by participating in classes such as: Introduction to Management and Leadership; Hiring the Best; Employee Engagement; Performance Management & Corrective Action; Relationship Management; University Leave; OEO Safety.

Business Essentials Coursework

Classes through University of Utah's HR Office - achieved by participating in classes such as: Business Writing; Collaboration in the Workplace; Giving and Receiving Feedback; Time Management and Productivity.

Research & Presentation Highlights

Perceptions and Interactions Between Elon's Greek Life and LGBTQI Communities

For my capstone research in Anthropology I created, conducted and analyzed original qualitative research on the perceptions and interactions between the LGBTQI (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer Intersex) community and Greek Life at Elon University. This was pursued in order to establish the relationship that exists, to make students and staff aware of the lack of diversity, and to make campus organizations more diverse and welcoming. This project included confidential interviews with Elon students, and was formed into a final paper, poster and presentation on the current hetero-normative state of Greek Life at Elon University and suggests steps to create a more diverse gender and sexual identity accepting community. The PDF below includes the poster presentation of this project. PDF on lower left.

Hooked On Assessment with the Academic Advising Center (AAC) Assessment Committee

In order to foster personal development, help colleagues measure their annual report goals and to gain data that will support their projects, the AAC Assessment Committee put on two in-services that introduced advisors to assessment importance, basics and design. The committee used these initial presentations to later go on to presenting at the University Academic Advising Community's Conference in 2017, as well as the Utah Advising Association Conference that same year. The PDF below includes a handout that was given out at these presentations. PDF on lower right.